Bloober Team Tanks The Medium’s Performance With Latest Update

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Bloober Team Tanks The Medium's Performance With Latest Update

It’s Superbowl season, so we can make this analogy: Bloober Team fumbled the ball with its latest update. If you’ve downloaded the newest update for The Medium on Steam, you’ll assume your performance woes have disappeared.

Optimization Problems Affect Both DX11 And DX12

The Medium Game - Struggling With DX11 and DX12 Optimization

Whether you’re playing in DX11 or DX12, the optimization issues for The Medium doesn’t discriminate. Sorry, Bloober Team, but this isn’t how patches work. Many of the poor reviews for the game go after the game’s poor optimization.

It’s not like the developers don’t understand this is a problem, but we’re starting to believe they don’t know how to handle this problem. They’re commenting on every poor review that mentions poor optimization, letting them know they’re aware of these issues.

The Latest Update Broke The Game

The Medium Game - Optimization Issues

Everyone who purchased The Medium wants to play one of the most anticipated games of 2021. The game has an interesting concept, but it’s hard to enjoy when performance issues break your immersion.

We knew we had to run The Medium on an SSD to have a chance, but we didn’t know it was going to be this bad. The latest Steam update completely breaks the game for some. The graphics are the biggest draw to the game, even more than the dual-reality gameplay, but all the technical issues are ruining the game for many.

Hopefully, the developers get it together before The Medium, a game many were looking forward to last year, gets bombed with reviews. We only want the best for developers who clearly put a lot of work into the game, only to miss the mark with some of the most important aspects of it.

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