Bloober Team Is Aware Of The Medium Game’s Performance Issues

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Bloober Team Is Aware Of The Medium Game’s Performance Issues

Since its release, The Medium has recouped its development cost. However, many of the players who purchased the game have yet to dive into the psychological-horror that is The Medium. That’s because, for many, The Medium game has been plagued with performance issues. While some players (mostly on the Xbox Series X/S consoles) have had little issues, others haven’t been so lucky. It’s especially not helpful when those players invalidate the experience other players are having just because they haven’t had any issues.

What Are Some Of The Issues Players Are Experiencing With The Medium?

Here are some of the issues players are experiencing with The Medium:

Bloober Team Is Aware Of Performance Issues

The Medium - Main character in video game Marianne

Fortunately, Bloober Team, the team behind The Medium, is aware of the performance issues keeping players from fully enjoying the game.

“The team has been informed about the performance issues and is working on a fix as we speak,” the customer support team for Team Bloober states.

Unfortunately, there is no estimate on when the team can roll out a fix for many Steam players who have already tried verifying the game files, updating their graphics card, or playing off an SSD.

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