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BioShock Update
BioShock Update

It’s almost been an entire decade since BioShock Infinite came out, and we’ve been waiting patiently for another BioShock game. After nearly a decade, the publishers, 2k Games, confirmed a new title was in the works by a new Studio, Cloud Chamber. However, other than the news of a new game coming out, they haven’t released any other news except for a slight hint that it won’t take place in Rapture from the first two BioShock games or in Columbia from BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite Launch Trailer

The hint came from a job listing for the game that suggested there will be a new world entirely. They’re looking for different types of designers to help them bring out an entirely new world. BioShock 4 is also rumored to run on Unreal Engine 4.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to get our hands on BioShock 4 for a number of years. The game was initially slated to start development a couple of years after BioShock Infinite with a completely new studio outside of 2k’s umbrella. However, 2k decided to take the project back to have it developed by an in-house studio. Unfortunately, with all the shifting around of developers, it didn’t look like BioShock 4 had officially started development until 2019. That means we’re most likely not going to see BioShock 4 for any current-generation consoles because development will take several years. That pretty much confirms the game will release on next-generation consoles and PC.

Despite rumors of their location changing, it also looks like they’re going to change up the gameplay. Again, this is all speculations based on job listings.

Many fans want to head back to Rapture to get a high-definition experience of the underwater city. Some scenes in BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC helped pluck some nostalgic strings, but some want to return to the city entirely. However, it would be nice to take BioShock to an entirely new world outside of Rapture or Colombia. As long as they stick to the formula of what’s worked for the BioShock series like the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Maybe we’ll be able to flesh out more of the lore of the BioShock series. However, if BioShock 4 will change locations and not share the same world as its predecessors, then there’s a chance it might be a soft reboot of the game, leaving Rapture and everything we know behind.

For now, it’s all speculation, and we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Well just a video or a rumor is enough to me, I’m really glad the project is still on and they are working on it! I’ve been waiting too long to the series to have a new release. Bioshock has one of the best stories I’ve seen, I’m really glad steam has sold the entire series in a very low price!

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