Beyond Shadow – Exploring The Yaki Tori Region

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Beyond Shadow - Exploring The Yaki Tori Region

The Yaki Tori region is a mysterious region no other clans cared to enter. The Zama, Kenji, and Endo don’t believe the swampland of the continent has anything to offer, so they’ve never had any reason to raid the area for resources.

It wasn’t until the ex-empress of the Kenji, Ayeko, was found near death in the sands of the Endo region that things turned around for the Yaki Tori. She helped them realize they could use the large trees of the swamp to create a ships sturdy enough for trade and exploration.

Ayeko was able to remain hidden in the Yaki Tori region because of the other clan’s reluctance to explore the area. This gave Ayeko the perfect opportunity to become the leader of the clan and help them establish themselves as a legitimate trade hub.

The Yaki Tori prospered after finding a port town in an unknown continent across the sea. However, they did not explore much further as they did not have the resources. In order to explore the new region, the Yaki Tori would need resources and collaboration with the other regions.

The dangers of creatures don’t end once the sand of the Endo turn to the swamps of the Yaki Tori. The Yaki Tori region has dangers beyond the living world.

The Will-o’-the-wisp are floating lanterns that float among the fog of the swamplands. They are wildly aggressive to passerbys. These lanterns are powered by the spirits of those who felt they left the world too early. These lanterns look like normal lanterns to the average person, who will try to see why the lantern is mysteriously floating. However, once someone gets too close, they will bare sharp fangs and attack unsuspecting travelers.

The Man-Of-Wars are large land jellyfish evolved to escape the murky waters of the swamp and walk upright in order to feed on humans. These creatures are large and are hard to kill because normal bladed weapons go right through them. Killing a man-of-war involved using a sharp weapon long enough to reach its core.

There are reports of humanoid swamp creatures in Yaki Tori, but no one has seen one, or has lived to tell the tale.

At the center of the Yaki Tori region is a large town that rivals the Neutral Town of Atsugi in size called Niwatori. The Yaki Tori city of Niwatori is a trade hub, mostly with the Zama and the unknown continent to the north. A large port allows several ships to pass in the open waters.

Trade has revitalized the region of Yaki Tori and, despite it being a swamp land, is on its way to balancing itself out to rival the other clans as far as power and resources.

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