Beyond Shadow – Exploring The Neutral Town of Atsugi

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Beyond Shadow - Exploring The Neutral Town of Atsugi

The Neutral Town of Atsugi prides itself on reminding the clans of the continent that they’re completely neutral. Atusgi lies to the East of a mountain range that acts as a natural barrier to keep the armies of each clan from constantly warring with each other. The conflicts of the land are mostly limited to small ninja raids thanks to Atsugi.

Atsugi has no creatures, since the retired veteran ninja of each clan keep the town protected. To the east of Atsugi are small meadows leading into the forest of the Kenji clan’s territory.

Atsugi has no conflict with any of the clans. There is an unwritten respect the clans have with Atsugi for being a hub for trade. If there is any conflict within the walls of the large town, it is quickly squashed by the retired veteran ninja. These ninja are fed and housed in exchange for defense of the town.

The Endo, Zama, Yaki Tori, and Kenji all trade with Atsugi, which means it isn’t uncommon to see the town filled with the different color ninja garb. The clans may be in a state of endless conflict, but all of that seems to cease once they’re within the walls of Atsugi. Ninja from the different clans sit together and share drinks, eat, and be merry. Atsugi is often a place where festivals and other parties are held.

On its own, Atsugi cannot defend itself from a fully-sized army. It’s also not large enough for a large army to pass through without taking time. The only way through the mountain range are small caves that only allow a few people in at a time with trade materials.

To the West of The Neutral Town of Atsugi are the sands of the Endo. Fortunately, the natural barrier of the mountains keeps the dangerous creatures of the sands from reaching the city.

The Neutral Town of Atsugi is an integral centerpiece of the continent and acts as the balance between the clans.

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