Beyond Shadow – Exploring The Kenji Region

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Beyond Shadow - Exploring The Kenji Region

The Kenji region is a forested region to the East of the continent. The Kenji region is a well-protected region mostly because of the mountain range beyond the Neutral Town of Atsugi. Any army advancing on the Kenji region would have to pass those mountains, the town, and then climb through the forest of the Kenji region.

The Kenji region lies on a higher elevation. Invasion by fleet would be difficult because of the large cliffs. There are few spots on the Kenji coastline for a larger fleet to land and, even then, it would be an uphill battle against a much larger Kenji force. The natural protection has made the Kenji cocky, believing them to be the superior clan.

The Kenji’s trade comes from wood and farming. Since the Kenji region is fertile, they hold a lot of power in the fact that they have the most resources of any region. They’re not one-dimensional. They provide crops, meat, and wood to the neighboring clans.

Traders from both sides often have trouble getting through the Kenji forest because of the elevated terrain and the creatures. The main creature of the Kenji forest are the large forest bears. These bears are aggressive, especially when protecting their young. These bears aren’t your normal sized bears. These bears are massive. The largest ones can grow to the size of a full grown tree. However, those bears are rare and will almost never leave the forest line into the farms.

In the middle of the Kenji region stands the massive Kenji castle. Getting into the region is almost impossible for invaders, but if they do make their way in, they’ll have to try to penetrate the massive walls of the castle. This castle is defended by the Elite Kenji Ninja, some of the best trained ninja of the entire continent. All of these positives have made the Kenji believe they are the superior clan, and they are always looking for any reason to finally invade the other regions to prove their power.

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