Beyond Shadow – Exploring The Endo Region

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Beyond Shadow - Exploring The Endo Region

In the fantasy region of Beyond Shadow, based on the Japanese Tottori Sand Dunes, lies the desert region of Endo.

The desert region of Endo lies to the west of the Neutral Town of Atsugi. A large mountain range separates the Endo region from Atsugi and has been a natural barrier from all out war from either side of the mountain range. The mountain range has also kept the creatures of the desert on the west side of the continent.

The creatures found in the Endo region are:

  • Great Sandworms
  • Giant Vultures
  • Desert Cats
  • Desert Wolves
  • Giant Crabs

The Great Sandworms of the Endo desert are non-aggressive. In fact, the average person could walk up to one and pet one. It will not attack unless provoked. One way to provoke a Great Sandworm is by attacking its offspring. The most dangerous creatures of the Endo region are the Giant Crabs. These crabs lay under the sand and will come up to attack if they feel weight above them. Walking above one will force it to surface and attack. The Giant Vultures, Desert Cats, and Desert Wolves are the common enemies found in the Endo region.

The only citizens living in the desert itself are the people who live outside the Great Endo City of Daiku. These people have learned to live among the creatures and act as the first line of defense for the city in exchange for food and resources.

The only other people found in the desert are the trade caravans that travel between The Great Endo City of Daiku and The Neutral Town of Atsugi. The Zama tribe to the south trade ice from their region by ship, as trying to move ice through the heat of the desert is not the best idea.

The mountain range and desert heat has normally been a natural barrier keeping the Kenji clan from a full-scale assault, but it seems the Kenji are tenacious enough to conquer other ninja clans on the continent through war.

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