Best Weapons to Use in Valorant, Its Features, and Tips

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Valorant Best Weapons
Valorant Best Weapons

At Valorant, we have a wide selection of weapons to choose from. It is ranging from pistols to sniper rifles and shotguns.

Each of them has a name of its own and an effective way to use it, either to shoot heads accurately or to mow down enemies before they can plant the spike. Below, we detail which weapons receive an “S” rank in the current Tier List and how to use them effectively to dominate the fighting.

Tier S’s Best Valorant Weapons

#1 Operator (sniper rifle)

  • Head damage: 255
  • Torso damage: 150
  • Damage to legs: 127

This sniper rifle is currently Valorant’s best weapon as it deals a lot of damage to enemies regardless of where we hit them. Even if we hit their legs and wear shields, they’ll stay within a tap, and another shot will suffice to end their lives. Even so, the problem is that we must attack from a distance, and our vision is limited. So, before using it, we must master the strategic points of each map to position ourselves correctly.

#2 Phantom (rifle)

  • Head damage: 156
  • Torso damage: 39
  • Damage to legs: 33

The Phantom rifle is ideal for the Duelist class. They are usually perfect for those who go in the front line of battle and therefore come to fight at close range with enemies. It has a good rate of fire, superior to Vandal, even though it does not kill with a single shot. Therefore, we must have enough time to shoot a few bullets at the rival if we want to knock him down, then carry a Phantom.

#3 Vandal (rifle)

  • Head damage: 156
  • Torso damage: 39
  • Damage to legs: 33

One of the best weapons in the game, along with the Operator. It allows you to eliminate enemies with a single successful shot to the head. If we hit the torso, we will need some additional shots (depending on the quantity and quality of shields it carries), but even so, they will not take long to fall. Its main problem is its massive recoil. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the Phantom first.

Tier A’s Best Valorant Weapons

#1 Specter (submachine gun)

  • Head damage: 78
  • Torso damage: 26
  • Damage to legs: 22

It is an agile weapon to control with a reasonable rate of fire and great damage. The problem with the Specter is its somewhat high price. It is something that can make it difficult for us to afford it if we don’t have enough money left. Even so, it is an option to consider to handle the heaviest rifles.

#2 Ghost (handgun)

  • Head damage: 105
  • Torso damage: 33
  • Damage to legs: 26

It is a silenced pistol that can take down enemies with a single headshot. Its strengths are the great precision it has and the damage it produces if we know how to handle it well. Despite this, it can be somewhat complex to shoot if they are too far away.

#3 Guardian (rifle)

  • Head damage: 185
  • Torso damage: 65
  • Damage to legs: 49

As you can see, the damage done by the Guardian to the head is enough to kill our enemies with a single shot, even if they carry a shield. Even so, it does not work too well at short and medium distances. Therefore, it will be advisable to be at a safe distance from the enemy to be useful.

#4 Odin (heavy weapon)

  • Head damage: 95
  • Torso damage: 38
  • Damage to legs: 32

It is a powerful and lethal weapon that serves to kill mass enemies. Unfortunately, it has too much dispersion and recoil. Therefore, it is advisable to test it for a long time on the test server before launching to use it in real battles.

Other Valorant weapons: Tier B and C

The rest of Valorant weapons have somewhat lower quality and range. Even so, we will have to learn to carry them to a greater or lesser extent because we will not always have enough money to pay for those of rank S or

A. Here, we leave a list with the rest of the available weapons ordered by their position in the Tier List, to determine which one to choose if we have the option opposite:

  • Tier B weapons: Ares (heavy weapon), Bucky (shotgun), Bulldog (rifle), Sheriff (handgun), Stinger (submachine gun). Marshal (sniper rifle) and Judge (shotgun).
  • Tier C weapons: Classic (handgun), Frenzi (pistol), and Shorty (slashed shotgun).

Image credit: Riot Games.

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