Best Minecraft Survival Desert Biome Seed – November 2020 – 1.16.4

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Best Minecraft Survival Desert Biome Seed - November 2020 - 1.16.4
Best Minecraft Survival Desert Biome Seed - November 2020 - 1.16.4

The Minecraft 1.16.4 patch is a small bug fix patch following the major Nether Update for the Java Edition in 1.16. While we all love hanging out in the pits of the Nether in Minecraft, some of us enjoy the simpler times in the overworld. For us, personally, we enjoy the desert biome. What the desert biome lacks in color and wood, it makes up for in vast open space to create a desert fortress or a simple desert oasis. Whatever the reason you like desert biomes, we came through for you in finding one of the best Minecraft survival desert biome seeds. We discovered this seed in November 2020 for patch 1.16.4.

This survival desert biome seed contains:

  • 2 Pillager Outposts
  • 2 Villages
  • 1 Ravine
  • 1 Desert Temple

Seed Name: firstaidguys

Seed Code: 1546312468

Minecraft Desert Temple

X: -299.697
Y: 70.00000
Z: 254.733

When you spawn, you’re placed in the middle of a rainforest biome. However, don’t get confused because if you walk a short minute out of the biome, you’ll encounter the desert biome filled with riches. The first thing you’ll notice is a desert temple.

Minecraft Desert Temple
Minecraft Desert Temple

Pillager Outpost #1

X: -196.406
Y: 83.49314
Z: 632.587

Unfortunately, before you’re able to settle in the first village in this desert biome, you’ll have to sidestep a pillager outpost. Don’t try to take it on yet; you’ll need a lot more than a wooden sword.

Minecraft Pillager Outpost #1
Minecraft Pillager Outpost #1

Minecaft Village #1

X: -472.012
Y: 78.91848
Z: 679.898

If you managed to make your way past the pillager tower, you’d find a quaint little village. It’s a bit broken up because of the terrain, but it has the minimal amenities you’ll need to fortify it against the nearby pillager tower and start your Minecraft desert survival.

Minecraft Village #1
Minecraft Village #1

Minecraft Ravine

X: -568.931
Y: 73.86457
Z: 835.862

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about digging around for a mine. Right near the first village is a ravine teeming with coal and iron. This is also a great source of cobblestone if you’re not the type to make holes everywhere in a desert.

Minecraft Ravine
Minecraft Ravine

Minecraft Pillager Outpost #2

X: -698.097
Y: 85.39725
Z: 986.638

Don’t get too comfortable in this village. It’s surrounded by pillager outposts! Before you start digging around a ravine, we suggest you build a fence to keep your villagers safe. A good sand wall also works to keep any pillagers out, for now.

Minecraft Pillager Outpost #2
Minecraft Pillager Outpost #2

Minecraft Village #2

X: -687.122
Y: 95.32820
Z: 597.508

If, for some reason, your first village falls to the pillagers, there’s a savanna village nearby. Like most savanna villages, you’ll have fun trying to fortify it with structures on all levels of terrain, but it’s a decent backup village still in walking distance to the ravine and desert temple.

Minecraft Village #2
Minecraft Village #2

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  1. cool seedyou have to build the wall around the fjrst village quick or else ull lose the villagers bdcause those towers are so close

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