Back 4 Blood Hoffman Character Bio

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Back 4 Blood Hoffman Game Character

Just in case you missed it, the Back 4 Blood Beta is live and is inviting its excited fan base to jump into the action, fight hordes of zombies and see what the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead has to offer. However, despite probably seeing some gameplay and some maps on offer, you probably don’t know much about the lore, the core story, the characters or the Ridden. So, in this guide we take a look at one the playable characters known as the cleaners. This is our guide to the playable character, Hoffman.

Who is Hoffman in Back 4 Blood?

Hoffman is what you would call a doomsday prepper. This conspiracy theorist was equipped for the coming of the devil worm and lived separate from society in a bunker with his mother in their boarded up honestead. However, when supplies ran out and his mother passed away, it was time for Hoffman to face the new world and all the dangers that lurked within. Hoffman at his core is kind hearted, hard working, wants to please those around him and has a keen eye for detail.

In terms of appearance, Hoffman has thinning grey hair, blue eyes, spectacles, has a stocky build, wears a red shirt, green khakis and an earth tone gilet. The character’s preferred weapon of choice is a M1911 pistol and Hoffman is voiced by William Salyers.

What Special Abilities Does Hoffman Have?

Back 4 Blood Hoffman Game Character Skills

In Back 4 Blood, every character has a special ability and Hoffman has a few key skills that will make him the preferred character for a number of players. Hoffman is a team player so his skills allow for a higher team ammo capacity and players will also be able to collect ammo which is spawned after Hoffman kills enemies. Then as for his more personal perks, Hoffman also gains one extra offensive slot when compared to the other characters. In short, Hoffman is a great supporting character and will help the team keep their clips full throughout the run. Here is a rundown of his traits below:

  • Spawns’ ammo after kills
  • An extra offensive slot
  • Higher team ammo capacity

So that is our guide to the Back 4 Blood Cleaner, Hoffman. What do you make of this character? Have you tried the beta yet! Which character will you be using when you play B4B? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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