Avengers Beta Gameplay Notes

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Avengers Beta Gameplay Notes
Avengers Beta Gameplay Notes

Marvel’s Avengers has wrapped up another beta session, and to say it wasn’t an exciting experience would be an understatement. Of course, no beta will ever be genuinely smooth. The whole point of a beta is to squash any bugs players encounter before the game’s full release.

Before, the entire development process of a game would be kept under wraps. There would still be an alpha and beta version, but they were reserved for developers. However, developers have begun releasing early access betas of games as a way to build hype and money more than it is to receive feedback. Yes, in today’s industry, betas are a cash-grab disguised as a call to action. Fortunately, gamers have caught onto this industry practice and turned the sword against developers by being openly critical with a game instead of providing direct constructive feedback.

The Avengers beta gameplay did not survive this onslaught.

As much as players wanted to enjoy having an open-world superhero video game where they could beat down baddies, the Avengers beta gameplay seemed a bit repetitive. Obviously, being a superpowered being means you’re going to single-handedly take down armies of enemies by yourself, but, with the Avengers beta gameplay, it didn’t feel as satisfying as it should.

Gamers all over had a universal feeling of indifference while taking a comfortable seat on the fence between casual optimism and a complete lack of interest.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta: 19 Minutes of PC Gameplay (1080p 60fps)

Bugs are to be expected in any early release beta. Finding a game without bugs during early access is not surprising. It’s also not surprising when these bugs aren’t taken care of by the game’s release. It’s almost as if hundreds or thousands of players were telling developers what was wrong with the game, but they decided to ignore it because their “early access beta” was secretly a cash grab. The Avengers beta gameplay had a bit of an issue with an almost unplayable matchmaking feature. The loot in the game also feels like the feature was only in place to cash in on the roleplayer’s need to feel as if they’re progressing with better gear. There seemed to be no real difference in the Avengers beta gameplay on whether or not gear mattered.

Players began getting bored with the early access Avengers beta gameplay. Yes, they were bored with the sample of the game they received from the developer Crystal Dynamis. With a major publishing name of Square Enix behind Avengers, one would assume there would be some degree of repetitiveness. Trying to mix an open-world action-adventure-brawler-loot-and-scoot with a skill tree sounds like a tall task, and, so far, Crystal Dynamics hasn’t been up to it.

Hopefully, they’ll take what they’ve learned from the Avengers beta gameplay and polish the game before they have a next-gen release.

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  1. Indeed, many people complain about games in beta instead of just supporting and helping to the process or just enjoy, of course with the limits of a good attempt to create a good game, I remember during the beta of GTFO how all the players were helping reporting bugs and just giving feedback and ideas to the creators and the results have been amazing.

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