Artifacts, Trading Cards, and Diary Entries in TLOU2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

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TLOU2 Chapter 9 Santa Barbara
TLOU2 Chapter 9 Santa Barbara

After finishing the previous chapter, “Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3” and witnessing a series of scenes on the farm, where we have to move and enjoy the scenes that happen without finding any collectible or facing anyone in battle, Ellie will decide to embark on a new journey.

Therefore, we will face a tough final chapter that we help you overcome as part of this complete guide to The Last of Us Part 2

Artifacts and notes in Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

Constance, 2425

Controlling Abby, we reached the Santa Barbara area following the trail of the Fireflies. Here, we have to go down the street and explore some of the abandoned houses in order to find resources, while we catch up with Lev.

  • Artifact #1: Warning note about Vipers: if we enter the house where there are a few infected and finish them off we will be able to inspect the bathroom (located in the center of the house) to collect the only collectible note of this part of the chapter.


  • Artifact #2: Abby’s note: right at the start, on the sailboat.
  • Artifact #3: Note from the mansion: we advance, we finish with a couple of infected and we enter the garage on the right-hand side to find the note.
  • Artifact #4: “Fugitive Warning” Note: We continue until we cross a wall through a hole and reach a large house by climbing over a car (and ending up with a snap on the roof). We scanned it to find the note in the kitchen downstairs

The complex

  • Artifact #5: Note from a slave in Santa Barbara: we advance through some abandoned train carriages until I see a dome in the distance. Just down, we can find the note in a barrel, located on the left side next to a corpse with a trail of blood.
  • Artifact #126: Letter from a Viper to his family: in the big house we arrived at, once we went upstairs, we could find the letter by the bed.

Trading Cards in Chapter 9: Santa Barbara


  • Trading card #1: CBB-73

Location: in the children’s room on the top floor of the big house we passed by shortly after we started to control Ellie and reach the main street.

The complex

  • Trading Card #2: Sparkthug

Location: the last letter is on a table next to a music player in the building we reached from the workshop.

Ellie’s Diary Entries in Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

  • Diary 19 entry, exact location: we can make this entry by observing a landscape of Santa Bárbara that we look at when going outside from a mansion that we visited shortly after arriving in the area.
  • Diary entry 20, exact location: In the last chapter of the game, Ellie can make an entry in her diary. You can do this If you look at a graffiti of the Vipers in a van. It is an area that we have previously cleaned of enemies and dogs.

This concludes our The Last Of Us Part 2 guide.

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