Artifacts, notes, and Trading Card from TLOU2 Chapter 4: Seattle, Day 3

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The Last of Us Part-2 Chapter 4 Seattle Day 3
The Last of Us Part-2 Chapter 4 Seattle Day 3

We start this new chapter after finishing the previous one, “All Artifacts and Trading Cards you Can Find on The Last of Us 2: Chapter 3“. The first thing we should do is go out and look for Dinah, and before going through a curtain in the theatre, we found a collectible letter “Esquire” on the left.

Here, we tell you about all the artifacts, notes and trading card we possibly get on this chapter. Let’s jump in!

Artifacts and Notes in Chapter 4: Seattle, day 3

Sub-chapter: Road to the aquarium

  • Artifact #1: Note from the garage: once we pass an aquatic area of ​​green moss, we can visit a kind of garage on the left to find a few infected and the note.
  • Artifact #2: Note from the bookstore: We go on and dive until we climb a sign and reach a bookstore. There we find this note.
  • Artifact #3: Textile Note: In the large store on the right called “Rachel’s Fabrics”. On the upper floor, we find the document nailed to a wall.

Sub-chapter: The flooded city

  • Artifact #4: Stash Note: Once with the vehicle, we advance to the garage and there we dismount. We went up the nearby stairs to find a window through which the Ferris wheel is seen and to find the note.
  • Artifact #5: Wobbly Note: We disembarked a little further ahead, in a building whose underside is accessible, to find the note next to a corpse.
  • Artifact #6: Sniper’s Note: From the previous location, we continue to the next section where some enemies are shooting. Before fighting, we steered the boat to a derailed train that hangs from a bridge on the left. We got into the car, and at the end, we found a rope. We threw it through the hole in the ceiling, pointing to the right so that it falls towards the door and can go up to the ceiling, where the document is.
  • Artifact #7: Note from the camp: on the upper floor of the Serafitas camp, in the middle of the water zone, through which we passed.
  • Artifact #8: Arcade Flyer: On the coffee tables downstairs in the arcade.
  • Artifact #9: Note from the arcade: after going from a wobbly basement, we went upstairs and, before going down to the boat, we can explore a room on this floor to find the note.

Trading cards in Chapter 4: Seattle, day 3

Sub-chapter: Road to the aquarium

  • #1: Esquire

Location: in the theater, before going through the curtain, we looked for the trunks that are near some mannequins and cables.

  • #2: Tormentra

Location: Before Jesse asks us for help, we go to the dark area where we have to use a flashlight, and we crawl under a closet to get to a desk where the letter is.

  • #3: Tanager

Location: In the cash register area of ​​the large building through which we passed with Jesse, we found some shelves where the letter awaits us.

  • #4: Tattoo

Location: After the scene where Jesse and Ellie decide to steal the boat, we enter the collapsed building and search the shelves.

Sub-chapter: The flooded city

  • #5: Seff-L’ho’phad

Location: in a drawer in the room next to the small waterfall, in the garage where we have to open the gate for the boat to advance.

  • #6: Khazakh Bright

Location: in the prize room of the arcade, after defeating the wobbly (lower floor).

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