Artifacts, Notes, and Collectible Coins Location in TLOU2 Chapter 6: Seattle, Day 1

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TLOU2 Workbench Abby
TLOU2 Workbench Abby

After overcoming the previous short chapter, “Artifacts, notes, and Trading Card from TLOU2 Chapter 5: The Park“, we will go into this new one in which we will continue to control Abby, and we will have to relive the events that occurred during Day 1 in Seattle from her perspective. Here are all the artifacts and notes you can find in Chapter 6.

Artifacts from Chapter 6: Seattle, Day 1

The Last of Us™ Guide To Coin

On foot

Artifact # 1: Note from the Lobos Arms Store: in one of the caravans that also contains the “Indiana” coin.

The base

Artifact # 2: Wolves Interrogation Letter: After going through a couple of scenes, we will arrive at a building. There, from where we entered, we found the note on top of a sideboard near the cells.

Hostile Territory

  • Artifact # 3: Suicide Note Scar: Before entering the Tang Fabrics & Imports building, we climbed through the broken window on the left to reach a room where this note awaits us.
  • Artifact # 4: Appeal to the Prophet of the Seraphites: When we jumped onto the front balcony to get to the relics and antique shop, we climbed the stairs to the right that lead to a rooftop with a skeleton and document next to it.
  • Artifact 5: Jasmine’s bakery safe: we continue until we reach an alley with oriental aesthetic shops, and, to enter the premises that have a terracotta warrior blocking the window, we must go to the opposite building and go up to the upper floor to jump onto the balcony. There we will see this note.
  • Artifact # 6: Strange Relic – This is a Forerunner sphere from the Jak & Daxter trilogy, found on the bottom floor of this relic store.
  • Artifact # 7: Seraphite prayer to the prophet: peace: we continue until we reach an imposing eastern door and, when we open the back of the truck, we find the note.
  • Artifact # 8: I pray seraphite to the prophet: steed: in the truck where the previous one is.
  • Artifact # 9: Seraphite prayer to the prophet: respect: also in the same truck.
  • Artifact # 10: Seraphite prayer to the prophet: prosperity: one more in the truck.
  • Artifact # 11: Prayer for Victory: The penultimate one we found on the walls or floor near the truck.
  • Artifact # 12: Seraphite prayer to the prophet: pairing: inside the truck mentioned above.
  • Artifact # 13: Wolf Soldier’s Letter on Meeting the Prophet – at a location near the truck mentioned in the previous artifact.
  • Artifact # 14: Letter from a Seraphite father to his son: in the Scar camp, we passed, you will find it in a dilapidated building.

The forest

Artifact # 15: Truce Failed: After retrieving our backpack, we made our way to a garage and soon found a workbench. In the nearby kitchen is the note.

The coast

  • Artifact # 16: Note from the infirmary: we advance until we reach a large ship, and, in one of the rooms on the right-hand side, we find the note.
  • Artifact # 17: Riot Note: After collecting the crossbow and advancing to the end of the hallway on that same floor, we found the note.
  • Artifact # 18: Ferry Record: From the safe, we go to the other end of the ship and go through the door. Right there, we found the document in front of us, on the floor next to a corpse.

Collectible coins for Chapter 6: Seattle, day 1

The Last of Us™ Part II Artifacts

The stadium

  • Coin # 1: Alaska

Location: After collecting Abby’s backpack and going outside, we collected the coin on the balcony.

  • Coin # 2: Maine

Location: Before entering the dog cage, we see her on a bench near a laundry room.

  • Coin # 3: New Jersey

Location: under the RIP Lobos mural behind the section with the animal plots.

  • Coin # 4: Vermont

Location: after the shooting test with weapons, we moved down the hall on the left-hand side until we found a box office with military equipment and the coin.

On foot

  • Coin # 5: Kentucky

Location: at a table that we find on the right-hand side of the garage through which we pass.

  • Coin # 6: Massachusetts

Location: when we get to the greenhouse, we go to the bottom to find the coin.

  • Coin # 7: Ohio

Location: When we have to use the ladder to make a bridge to the yacht, we lean it against the wall opposite the boat on the same balcony you found it to go up and see the coin on a table.

  • Coin # 8: Indiana

Location: we arrived at a caravan and broke one of its rear windows to access its interior and find the coin.

The base

  • Coin # 9: California

Location: At the beginning of the chapter, near the Jeeps, we went up the nearby stairs to reach an elevated platform and find the coin there.

  • Coin # 10: New Mexico

Location: after checking-in, we turn left and find the coin in some green boxes.

  • Coin # 11: South Carolina

Location: when we go to talk to Isaac, and a man asks us for a game to a board game inside a tent, we can find the coin.

Hostile Territory

  • Coin # 12: North Dakota

Location: After getting on the roof of a car and a van to access the building (after passing Tang Fabrics & Imports), we continue down the hall past the door. In the room where we arrived, we will find the coin in a drawer.

The coast

  • Coin # 13: Alabama
  • Location: before heading to the wheel, we can find the coin on the ground, next to a car.
  • Coin # 14: West Virginia
  • Location: We go upstairs, we go down the hall on the right, and we also turn right to find the coin.
  • Coin # 15: Utah
  • Location: we go to the other end of the deck and, once cleared of enemies, we open the door and go up the stairs. Before going through the table, we look at the back to find the coin.
  • Coin # 16: Mississippi
  • Location: before entering the Aquarium, we found the coin in a fountain with a dolphin statue.

The next steps in our journey; Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 7: Seattle, Day 2

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