Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3

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The Last of Us™ Part II Artifacts and Coin Locations
The Last of Us™ Part II Artifacts and Coin Locations

After finishing the previous chapter, “Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 7: Seattle, Day 2“, we will start this new one in the aquarium. Abby will help Yara find Lev, who has been lost in some room in the place.

Therefore, at the beginning of this new chapter it is quite relaxed and we only have to walk through the aquarium until we find the young man. We tell you all the details of this episode and where to find the collectibles.

Artifacts and Notes in Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3

The Port

  • Artifact #1: Note from the port: before going up the ladder, we go to the end and look to the right to find the note inside the cubicle.

Shortly after we go up, we will find Manny, and we will have to move forward. We are crouching down and covering ourselves with the cars to prevent the sniper from reaching us.

It is a series of reasonably linear sequences in which we must advance until we are alone in the kitchen. It is a moment in which we must continue until we cross the door that leads to the outside and sees a scene.

The Island

  • Artifact #117: Wolf Scout Diary: We continue down the road, next to Yara, until we find the note.
  • Artifact #118: Deer Distribution Note: Later in the hunting lodge, we found this note.
  • Artifact #119: Funeral Prayer Note: We continue until we pass through an area of ​​enemy Scars, and when we reach another cabin area, we go to the right to find the note.
  • Artifact #120: Diary of a young Seraphite: in another cabin, we found a work table and this note.

Collectible Coins from Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3

The port

After finding the stuffed shark to give to Lev, a scene will take place in which he will escape, and Yara and Abby will go looking for him.

  • Coin #1: Kansas

Location: when we have the playable control, we must climb the stairs behind us to find the Kansas coin on the ground.

  • Coin #2: Louisiana

Location: After passing the train track, on the right-hand side of the ramp leading to Lenora St. Station, we must explore the area on the other side of the rails. There is a dumpster, and the coin is on the ground in the nearby mud.

The Island

  • Coin #1: Idaho

Location: with Yara, we reach Scar territory, and we must advance until we climb some ladders. Once at the top, we enter the truck on the left and collect the coin.

  • Coin #2: North Carolina

Location: after sounding the alarm, when the Wolves begin their attack on the Island, we can find a car in the area near some rapids. On the left-hand side, under the open door, is the coin.

  • Coin #3: Montana

Location: After hand-to-hand combat, we searched the top floor (going up against some nearby stairs) in a cabin in front of the sawmill to find the coin in a box.

We’ll continue our guide with the final chapter 9; Artifacts, Trading Cards, and Diary Entries in TLOU2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

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