Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 7: Seattle, Day 2

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The Last Of Us 2 Coin Collectables
The Last Of Us 2 Coin Collectables

After finishing the previous chapter, “Artifacts, Notes, and Collectible Coins Location in TLOU2 Chapter 6: Seattle, Day 1“, we will start with this new one following in Abby’s footsteps while she goes to look for the deserting seraphites to the caravan where she left them the day before.

Artifacts and notes in Chapter 7: Seattle, Day 2

The Shortcut

We advance, finishing with the enemy seraphites until we can open the blind of the garage, inside which there is a weapons work table.

  • Artifact #1: Amputation Material: We receive it automatically when we start the chapter and watch a scene.
  • Artifact #2: A survivor’s plea: After passing the rapids area and entering a building, we can pick up the note.
  • Artifact #3: Neighborhood Swap: After exiting and going up to the roof to advance to another building, we found the note there.
  • Artifact #4: Gathering List: We advance to kill a few infected and jump across platforms on the river to reach a new location where to collect the note and find a weapons work table.
  • Artifact #5: Seraphite Truce: We continue until we reach a new collapsed building and a kind of office, where the note is.
  • Artifact #6: Seraphite Orders: We went up, accompanying Lev, to use an electric elevator. Through the corridor through which we reach, we will find the note on the right-hand side.

The descent

There, we explore the building and find the note “gym safe combination” in the kitchen of the small restaurant and a combination safe of 121879 in one of the small rooms next to the gym.

  • Artifact #7: Combination of the gym safe: shortly after entering the building (after the automatic fall of the bridge), in the kitchen of the small restaurant we found.
  • Artifact #8: FEDRA orders: when we cross the semi-locked door, we will collect the note from a corpse.
  • Artifact #9: FEDRA Final Note: After using the fire hose to descend a few floors, we scanned the first side room on the right to find the document on the ground, next to a corpse.

Ground Zero

Being of the Wolves, Abby will be able to enter without problems and advance until Nora frees her and leads her to the lower rooms.

  • Artifact #10: Attached letter: We leave Nora (Oncology Center) and proceeded to the next staircase. We should crawl under several rubbles to reach a dim space where there is a document on the floor.
  • Artifact #11: Soldier’s Letter: We advance until Nora releases us and leads us to the lower rooms. Once there, we collected the letter from a corpse.
  • Artifact #12: Chapel Note: In the Chapel right next to the previous position.
  • Artifact #13: Doctor’s Note: We continued until we found a series of closed doors that needed power. In one room, we found the note.

From there, we can climb to a high hole in the wall to reach a room with ammunition, a weapons work table, and the generator that we will turn on. We go ahead and clean the clicking area to open a somewhat stuck door at the end of the hall.

  • Artifact #14: Patient’s Note: We went ahead and cleaned the snapper area so we could open a slightly stuck door at the end of the hallway. There we find the note in the small room that we can go to if we break the glass.

Collectible coins for Chapter 7: Seattle, day 2

The Shortcut

  • Coin #1: Nevada

Location: In the flooded area, we proceed carefully, jumping through the platforms to reach the “Franklin barbershop” and look for the coin at the cash register.

  • Coin #2: Colorado

Location: When Lev tells us which way to go to the “building next door,” before going through space at the blue doors, we go out the window to the blue balcony to find the coin near the rapids.

The descent

  • Coins #1: Illinois

Location: at the beginning of the chapter, we dive into a pool and look in the bottom filters for the coin.

  • Coin #2: Oregon

Location: After the fight against the Wobbly, we advance on a metal bar that will fall to the ground. After getting rid of the enemy that is trapping us, we can jump over a hole in a room in front of a table to find the coin.

  • Coins #3: Wisconsin

Location: just out of the most dangerous area of ​​the building, in a vending machine, we found the coin.

  • Coin #4: Rhode Island

Location: When we take off the mask and move onto the patio, we explore the central bar-like area. Under the counter is a cash register, and the coin is on a shelf right next to it.

  • Coins #5: Missouri

Location: before entering the Hospital area, we went to a place of ​​tall grass on our right to find the coin nearby.

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Ground Zero

  • Coins #1: Washington
  • Location: in the hospital, we found her near a cash register and a fire extinguisher (there are some coffee tables in front).
  • Coin #2: Hawaii
  • Location: just after the fight against the big infected and his somewhat younger companion, we will have to lift a metal door to go out to the hospital garage. On the left-hand side, we find a glass showcase that we can break to find the coin inside.

The battle is not over, since a little later, we will find another infected being. It is something smaller and faster that has emerged from the body of the great one. To face this, we recommend sunrise in a fixed corner to protect our backs and to attack him as soon as he comes face to face in that area we also have some supplies in case we run out of materials to make bombs and ammunition. Once this battle is over, we will be able to go outside and, after one scene, the chapter will end and will lead to the next one, “Artifacts and Collectible Coins in TLOU2 Chapter 8: Seattle, Day 3

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