Are You Waiting Too Long For The Ghost To Appear In Phasmophobia

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Are You Waiting Too Long For The Ghost To Appear In Phasmophobia
Are You Waiting Too Long For The Ghost To Appear In Phasmophobia

In some Phasmophobia rounds, were greeted with a ghost early. This is especially true of Onis or Demons. Onis just want us out of there quickly, so they’ll give us all of their evidence quickly and boot us out. Demons are also really aggressive, but have you ever encountered a ghost that didn’t want to show up at all?

Which Ghosts Show Up Less Than Others?

There are a lot of variables that can keep a ghost from showing up. Some variables make them show up more often. For example:

  • Wraiths have a toxic reaction to salt and will show more activity after touching them.
  • Phantoms will disappear for a short time if you take a picture of them.
  • Shades will rarely appear with more than one person around.
  • Jinns will be more aggressive if you’re in their room.
  • Onis are more active with more people around.

Jinns are especially annoying to deal with if you have the dirty water objective. Shades make it almost impossible to get a picture of unless someone is brave enough to stand in the room by themselves.

Why Am I Waiting So Long For A Ghost To Spawn?

Even if you’re dealing with an aggressive ghost type, you might have games where they can take, what seems like, thirty minutes to do anything. They might whisper in your ear or be generally spooky, but getting them to show up for the capture a photo of the ghost” objective is extra annoying.

Here are a couple of things you can try to trigger more ghost activity:

  • Repeat the ghost’s name and some phrases to make it angry.
  • If you’ve already found out the ghost’s type, then make adjustments with your party members (increase or decrease the number of members in the area).
  • Remove a crucifix if you think it’s keeping a ghost from spawning completely. (The crucifix shouldn’t stop it from manifesting, just stops it from hunting).
  • Turn on or off the lights, depending on the ghost you’re dealing with.
  • Stand in the dark to drop your sanity low enough to make the ghost hunt more often.

Let us know if these tips help you make the ghost show up faster for a good photo.

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