Are You Getting Dropped Frames In Phasmophobia?

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Nobody likes dropped frames. It can make any game unplayable, especially in a game where every second counts. We like to think we have a relatively decent gaming computer. We made this sucker to run a remaster of Crysis without screaming like a banshee. However, there’s one instance in Phasmophobia where the frames drop so bad we don’t even know where we’re running.

When Do We Experience Dropped Frames?

When we’re sweeping through a location like the prison map, everything runs relatively smoothly. It’s like we’re in the game itself (it’s still immersive, even though we don’t play in VR). However, we experience dropped frames that almost freeze the game when the lights go out, the ghost manifests, or the ghost starts to hunt. These are the worst possible times for the game to stutter.

What Is Causing The Dropped Frames?

We have an i7 and a newer video card. We made this computer with the sole purpose of flexing on current generation consoles. However, it does nothing to stop the dropped frames in Phasmophobia. Even when we went into our graphics settings to lower the graphics a bit, it didn’t do much to help.

The dropped frames in Phasmophobia are caused by the game not being optimized in its alpha state. If you’re already above the game’s recommended requirements, you don’t need to run out and buy a new graphics card (unless you want to). Do make sure your drivers are updated, but even so, it shouldn’t cause this many issues, even if it was on your end.

Guess we’ll have to wait for the game to optimize, so we’re not stuttering our way through a haunted location.

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