Are There Multiple Rooms With Freezing Temperatures In Phasmophobia?

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Are There Multiple Rooms With Freezing Temperatures In Phasmophobia

With Phasmophobia being in its early access and unstable beta builds, it’s understandable that players will run into an issue or two. When the game first came out, there were endless lobby and mic issues. There are still ongoing mic issues to this day, but the developer is already aware of this. With the prison map coming out for the unstable beta build, there’s been a couple of issues players have run into already. One of the issues is finding multiple freezing temperatures.

How Do You Get Freezing Temperatures?

To get freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia, you need to have a thermometer. It is possible to find freezing temperatures by looking for your own breath (if you’re in the right area), but sometimes that’s unreliable.

Can Multiple Rooms Have Freezing Temperatures?

If you run into an area that has freezing temperatures, then keep looking around. There’s a chance another area on the map has freezing temperatures. This bug has been reported in other maps, but the prison map seems to be the main culprit. This is not the intention of the developer. Right now, no map has more than one ghost, so there shouldn’t be multiple instances of freezing temperatures outside of a bug.

What Should We Do If We Have More Than One Room With Freezing Temperatures?

Check both rooms for evidence. One of the strongest pieces of equipment for pinpointing the location of a ghost is a sound sensor. Placing other sensors like the motion sensor or infrared light sensor also helps pinpoint a ghost’s location. The bug looks like it’s server-side, but if you want to make sure your game is working optimally, you could check the integrity of your game files.

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