Are The Developers Of No Man’s Sky Working On A New Game?

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No Man Sky Video Game
No Man Sky Video Game

Developer and publisher Hello Games are up to something and, to be honest, we’re a little worried. Almost half a decade ago, Hello Games released No Man’s Sky to an incredibly upset fan-base. At the VGX show in 2013, No Man’s Sky was revealed, and many hyped it up to the point where some believed it was the most hyped indie title in gaming history. There was a high expectation of ceiling for No Man’s Sky with its comparisons to Minecraft at the time.

There were some controversies leading up to the release, including a user purchasing a leaked version of the game for over $1,000. No Man’s Sky’s launch was mishandled as well, with none of the significant features announced showing up in the game. Not only that, but the hype also overloaded their server capacity because they didn’t expect almost half a million players trying to play their procedurally-generated game. All the issues worse were their social media accounts went dark as they were taking a beating through online backlash that included death threats.

Since it’s destructive 2016 launch, No Man’s Sky has finally built the game that was deserving of the early hype with significant content updates that includes working multiplayer, base-building, and other features that finally thawed the heat from gamers.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer | E3 2014 | PS4

However, it looks like Hello Games is up to something else. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has confirmed there’s something in the work that will be as ambitious as No Man’s Sky.

Understandably, people are going to be a little reluctant with how No Many’s Sky initially launched. Hopefully, they’re a little more careful this time around with how they hype the game. Fortunately, they have a much better reputation because of how they handled No Man’s Sky’s fallout. It’s not going to be a small project like their latest title: The Last Campfire. There aren’t any specifics on what this new game will be, but it looks like they’re finally over the mental health setback of how No Man’s Sky started. They’ll finally be able to confidently move forward and say they can begin working on a game as ambitious as No Man’s Sky. No doubt, they’ve learned from their mistake and deserve a second chance.

The creator has confirmed they’re not done with No Man’s Sky, however. There is still plenty of content planned for the game.

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