Are Glow Sticks Unlimited In Labyrinthine?

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Are Glow Sticks Unlimited In Labyrinthine
Are Glow Sticks Unlimited In Labyrinthine

If you’re here, then you’ve already been surprised with a few hilarious jump scares, and you’ve come upon your first glow stick. You wonder if that’s the only glow stick you’ll ever get in the game until you drop one.

Then you drop two.

Then you realize you have almost an endless amount of glow sticks but are they unlimited?

Do You Have Unlimited Glowsticks In Labyrinthine?

Labyrinthine Glowsticks

Judging by one of the community screenshots found on Steam is: Yes, you get unlimited glowsticks in Labyrinthine. The glowsticks are used for marking your path, so you know where you’ve been. The developer has made it very generous for you to not get completely lost in the maze. However, there are changes coming in the future to the glowsticks.

What Changes Will Labyrinthine Make With Glow Sticks?

The developer has responded to a couple of inquiries about glow sticks. Some of the ideas they’re proposing are:

  • Limiting the number of glow sticks used in the game.
  • Having color-coded glow sticks for different uses.

Right now, we’ll have to have as much fun as we can with the bright neon trails we can leave in the maze. Unfortunately, they’re going to do very little against any creatures of the dark.

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