An Upgraded Nintendo Switch Console May Be Around The Corner

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Nintendo Switch New Design
Nintendo Switch New Design

The original Nintendo Switch was released worldwide in 2017. Two years later, in 2019, the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite was released. This is Nintendo’s eight-generation console and one of the fastest-selling consoles in both the United States and Japan. There are many exciting releases for the Nintendo Switch that make it a console of its own without having to worry about what Microsoft or Sony are doing. However, it looks like the Nintendo Switch will continue its pattern of releasing something new every two years because a supposed upgrade is rumored to release in 2021.

This new model isn’t going to be a “lite” version of the Nintendo Switch as the Nintendo Switch Lite was, but this looks to be a complete performance upgrade. It makes sense for Nintendo to upgrade its system to meet the demanding graphics of newer games hoping for a Nintendo Switch port. Nintendo looks to include 4k high-definition graphics and stronger computing power. That means there will be better visuals for newer titles instead of games looking like they are obvious mobile ports. Nintendo has secretly released new models of its Switch in 2019 to be more battery-efficient, but there were no real upgrades to the system’s performance.

The Nintendo Switch uses NVIDIA’S Tegra X1, which, at the time, was peak mobile processor technology. Unfortunately, technology has advanced since then, and the Nintendo Switch cannot keep up with newer titles. Many developers have skipped over trying to make a Switch release for their titles entirely. It’s also difficult for developers to scale back their games so their game can also release on the Nintendo Switch platform. It makes sense for Nintendo to release an upgraded console now since they’re not competing with the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this holiday season. Since Microsoft’s Xbox entered the console war in the early 2000s, Nintendo scaled back on being PlayStation’s biggest competitor. Nintendo doesn’t have any major titles coming out this holiday season, but it looks like the upgraded Nintendo Switch console coincides with major releases in 2021.

However, Nintendo Switch sales have continued to remain strong. A combination of the global pandemic keeping everyone at home who need something to do and the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has pushed millions of systems for Nintendo. It seems Nintendo has finally found its footing and role in the current console war, which is to do their own thing.

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  1. Totally agree that makes sense to have an upgrade, maybe something to improve the heat and some fps drops with some games. As always Nintendo aimed to different types of publics, not only the “hard core gamers” but also the kids, the family and the casual gamers or the new gamers, I’ve seen many people not familiar with consoles or games just get the AC and the switch during this pandemic and having such a great time with it!

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