Among Us Review: Not Written By An Imposter

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Among Us Review Not Written By An Imposter
Among Us Review Not Written By An Imposter

It’s been two years since Among Us was released, and we’re only now seeing legitimate reviews for the game. InnerSloth didn’t think Among Us would take off two years after they released this spaceman-murder mystery. It only makes sense to come out with a legitimate Among Us review that is totally not written by an imposter and is not “sus” at all.

Among Us is a game available on Steam and mobile devices. Unfortunately, there’s no PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch versions of the game. Can you imagine a Nintendo Switch version of Among Us? It would take forever to type out what you were doing and why you’re not the imposter.

Among Us Is Not A Complicated Game

The game is simple:

  • Some players are designated as crewmates.
  • A set number of players are assigned as imposters.

The crewmates need to finish tasks on the map before the imposter(s) kill them. The imposters need to try to kill as many crewmates as possible without getting caught. There are several ways an imposter can avoid getting caught:

  • Utilize the vent system
  • Pretend to do tasks
  • Lying their pants off

If a crewmate comes across a body, all they need to do is hit the “report” button. If a crewmate sees an imposter vent (which only imposters can do) or believes someone is being suspicious, they can run and call an emergency meeting.

That doesn’t mean the person who reported the dead body or called an emergency meeting is in the clear. It could be the imposter “self-reporting” and making others believe they are innocent. The whole point of being the imposter is to throw people off your trail, divert blame, and act as innocent as possible.

Among Us Promoted Lying

It’s a game where you are basically given the green light to white lie your pants off. This game is perfect for everyone who has ever told a white lie to avoid getting in trouble, which is the entire population of gamers to ever exist. We’ve lied about skipping school, lied about who broke our grandmother’s vase, lied about stealing, we’ve trained for Among Us our entire lives.

I’m 100% sure the developers of Among Us knew this. They knew we’ve told lies our entire lives to avoid getting into trouble. Among Us may be a cute game full of cute crewmates trying to do their jobs but the “white-lying” in the game is to avoid being caught for murder since “an eye-for-an-eye” is the basis of the game. Since there’s no proper judicial system in the game other than people screaming at each other, you can get voted off (and killed), even if you’re not the imposter.

The Among Us Community

What makes Among Us fun (or absolutely miserable) are the people you get paired up with. Like any multiplayer game, you can either get paired up with people who take the game seriously or get paired up with man-children (or actual children). The game can get a bit obnoxious if you’re on voice chat. Even text chat can get a little obnoxious with people spamming their Twitch channels or other promotions instead of playing the game. Thankfully, those types of spammers are quickly kicked off (most of the time)

Unfortunately, it’s one of those multiplayer games where the community has an effect on the gameplay. If someone stands around, doesn’t do their tasks, or obnoxiously hits the emergency meeting button as soon as the game starts, it can be quite annoying. However, many of those types of matches are few and far between. We’re almost sure most of the “troll” players are Twitch streamers who think being obnoxious is the only way to get views.

Among Us Replayability

Right now, there’s no leader boards or any tangible way of scoring yourself. If you win, you win, and if you lose, you lose. You head back into the matchmaking lobby and move on. The fun in Among Us doesn’t come from counting wins and losses; it comes from the sheer anxiety of wondering if you’ll be the imposter or if you’ll get voted out even if you weren’t the imposter. It’s a great pick-up-and-play game for road trips, commutes, or sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.

InnerSloth was so happy with their sudden success that they prematurely announced a second Among Us game, but they quickly retracted. They decided instead to work on improving Among Us, so it stays fresh. If it weren’t for Twitch and YouTube, the game would still be sitting in the crypt of forgotten indie titles. Fortunately, for InnerSloth, they lucked out, so it’s time to see what they’ll do to improve Among Us.

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