Am I The Only One Getting Frame Drops And Stuttering On The Medium?

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Am I The Only One Getting Frame Drops And Stuttering On The Medium

I knew by looking at the recommended system requirements and seeing posts about the dual-reality gameplay in The Medium that it wasn’t going to be very friendly to my system. Even running it on an SSD, updated NVIDIA drivers, etc., I was still seeing poor performance on my PC. I looked through different posts to see I’m not the only one with this problem.

Console Players Are Having Performance Issues Too

The Medium Game - Hiccups During Dual Reality Gameplay

It’s surprising to hear that those on the Xbox Series X/S. Console players are letting us know how bad the game is during certain points in the game. The noticeable hiccups mainly occur during the indoor scenes and dual-reality gameplay. It’s upsetting how much the performance drops indoors because most of the first part of the game is spent inside the Niwa Hotel, where you’re still getting acclimated with the game. This has turned off a lot of players and forced them to uninstall or seek a refund from the developer.

Does Bloober Team Plan On Updating The Game?

The Medium Game - Glitches During Dual Reality Play

The developer, Bloober Team, is aware of the performance issues behind one of the more anticipated games of 2021. They’ve already promised performance updates in the future. That might not be enough for those starting to leave poor reviews of the game based only on its graphical glitches and performance. Even players with higher-end computers can only play on medium settings to avoid screen tearing and frame drops. They’ve already alienated a large player base by not having ultrawide support.

Hopefully, The Medium’s developers move quickly to save a game once thought to be one of the best going into 2021.

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