All Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge Special Investigation Tasks

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Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge
Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge

With just a few days to go until Pokemon GO Fest 2020, Niantic has kicked off the third week of special investigative work it’s doing. It also means that during the next few days, it will be possible to face the so-called Friendship Challenge.

All Friendship Challenge Special Investigation Tasks

The Friendship Challenge will begin today, and until next July 22, you will have a series of missions ahead of you that will reward the friendship that you maintain with your Pokémon and also with the friends that you have added to the game.

Most of them will consist of sending gifts to other players or also playing with the Pokémon partner you have chosen. For this reason, so that you are clear about what you must do, we have prepared this guide with all the details and rewards of this special challenge.

First step

  • Win a heart with your pokémon partner

Reward: Frambu berry x1

  • Send a gift to a friend

Reward: 100 stardust

  • Play with your partner Pokémon

Reward: Pinia berry x1

Rewards for completing the missions are 100 experience points, 100 stardust, and poké ball x10.

Second step

  • Win 5 hearts with your partner Pokémon

Reward: Frambu berries x10

  • Send 5 gifts to friends

Reward: Pinia berries x10

  • Get a candy walking with your partner Pokémon

Reward: Rare candy x1

Rewards for completing the missions are 300 experience points, 300 stardust, and an encounter with Raichu in Alola form.

Third step

  • Earn 10 hearts with your partner pokémon

Reward: Frambu berries x20

  • Send 10 gifts to friends

Reward: 500 stardust

  • Get a snapshot with your pokemon partner

Reward: Pinia berries x10

Rewards for completing the missions: lucky egg x1, rare candy x1, and an encounter with petilil.

Invite Your Friends to Play Pokemon Go Fully Online

A few months ago, it was leaked that Niantic was working on a way for players to participate in remote forays into Pokémon GO (thereby reducing the impact of confinements by the coronavirus). Now we already know how it works.

The prerequisite is to be level 32 or higher. It started being only level 40 players, but they have already downloaded it: stay tuned to this thread because it could change. The reason is that only a few players can do it at the beginning, to find and correct bugs.

The first thing is to enter a raid. You will see a “+” button in the room, public or private.

Upon entering, we will have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends, who will receive a notification (no matter where they are).

Also remember that since one of the last updates, raid passes are only spent if combat begins, not when entering the lobby. That way, the pass will not be spent if the raid is not filled.

So, have you invited all your friends to play The Friendship Challenge? Let us know in the comment below!

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