All Artifacts and Trading Cards you Can Find on The Last of Us 2: Chapter 3

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The Last of Us™ Part 2 Artifacts
The Last of Us™ Part 2 Artifacts

After finishing the extensive previous chapter, “Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 Part 2 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide“, we can continue to Chapter 3: Seattle, Day 2. In this post, you will discover the exact location of all artifacts and trading cards in this third chapter.

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All Artifacts Location in TLOU2 Chapter 3

  • Artifact #1: Rosedale’s daughter drawing: We inspected the shop with mannequins on the right, just as we began to explore the area to find the drawing in the basement.
  • Artifact #2: Wolves Recruitment Note: At a laundry, we passed.
  • Artifact #3: Yolanda’s note: from the previous point, we advance through the fence in the background to reach a more open area. In the first place opposite, we will find the note.
  • Artifact #4: “I need a plan” note: Having picked up the previous note, we go back and, once out of the bookstore, turn right and head down the overgrown path to the end. There we find a garbage container, and if we go up we reach the top you will see a “Caroline Paper Co.” store. There we find this artifact.
  • Artifact #5: Note of condolence: upon reaching the red doors at the end of the area, we will reach a section where we must push a container onto the nearby ramp to climb to the top of a garage and from there enter the hole in the wall. There the note awaits us, in the office of the place.
  • Artifact #6: Hillcrest Tattoo Studio Note: We headed to the shop next door to the first bike shop to find the note.
  • Artifact #7: Boris’ note of treason: in the pet store, specifically in the room next to the entrance that we can access if we break the window glass.
  • Artifact #8: Dale’s Combination: We continue down the Cantina species to find the note there.
  • Artifact #9: Boris’s Confession: On the table in the living room of the house in whose back garden, there is a children’s house.
  • Artifact #10: Rosemont Pamphlet: After picking up a couple of arrows from a corpse, we advance until we reach a house where we find this artifact.

Sub-chapter: Looking for Ropes

  • Artifact #11: Tara’s Invitation: In the spore-infested area of ​​the hotel, shortly after, Ellie and Joel put on their masks. In the wooden cupboard in the front when entering room 107.

Sub-chapter: The Seraphites

  • Artifact #12: Wolves’ Goals List: After facing a small group of infected, after advancing far enough, we collected the note from one of their corpses.
  • Artifact #13: Last letter to the husband: in the building that we access through the lower floor, which is on the right, we can go upstairs through an elevator shaft. There, we must break the windows, both vertical and horizontal (that work as a roof on the outside) to be able to throw the rope that is on the ground to the corner of one of those irons and thus climbs and balance us until we reach the other balcony, in whose room this letter awaits us.
  • Artifact #14: Evacuation Letter: On the kitchen table on the floor, we arrived in by climbing into a truck.
  • Artifact #15: Wolf Dropout Letter: In a one-story bedroom where there are a work table and human enemies surprise us.
  • Artifact #16: Dying husband’s plea: Later, in a kind of hotel, we entered the upstairs room (which we entered by entering one of the windows from the outside scaffolding).
  • Artifact #17: Note from the pharmacy: behind the counter of the pharmacy, we reached shortly after leaving the water area.
  • Artifact #18: Hospital Supply List: Once in the hospital, we found the note on the top floor, after overcoming the area of ​​Wolf enemies.

All Trading cards in Chapter 3: Seattle, day 2

Subchapter: Hillcrest

  • Trading Card #1: Wachumerob – Location: At the beginning of the chapter, we turn around and jump into the hole behind us. We break the window of a truck to find it inside.
  • Trading card #2: Sahir the Sorcerer – Location: In the Caroline Paper Co building, we found some boxes behind the counter.
  • Trading Card #3: Naledi the Youthful – Location: in a corner, on the bike wheel of the premises where we also found a work table and the Mine Trap.
  • Trading Card #4: Brainstorm – Location: when we jump over the fence and reach a garden with a terrace, we look for a toy house on the left side of the open door, and there we find the letter.
  • Trading Card #5: Reverb – Location: After finding the arch and finishing the battle against some mercenaries, we went down the street to enter the last building on the right. We went up to the bedroom and crawled under the bed to find the letter.

Sub-chapter: Looking for ropes

  • Trading Card #6: The Austinger – Location: before entering the hotel, we advance to the end of the street to find a trailer with a doodle that says “U-Move.” If we descend through that area, we see a car near a water area. In the back seat, there is one of them.

Sub-chapter: The Seraphites

  • Trading Card #7: Randy Styles – Location: just at the beginning of the chapter, we advance to enter the building (by jumping through the right-hand gates) and find the letter.
  • Trading Card #8: Shift – Location: in the room that we reach through the balcony, which can be accessed by pulling a rope through the upper irons to swing there.
  • Trading Card #9: Star Sign – Location: in the bedroom that we arrived by climbing a truck and entering a window.
  • Trading Card #10: Arch-Enemy – Location: shortly after glimpsing the hospital in the distance, we arrived at a building through which we can carefully descend until we find a room with breakable windows.
  • Trading card #5: Doppelganger – Location: in a backpack on the top floor of a building we reached after overcoming the Serafitas area in the forest.
  • Trading card #6: Bhat M’Andarr – Location: in the pharmacy we reached.

We follow our journey; Artifacts, notes, and Trading Card from TLOU2 Chapter 4: Seattle, Day 3

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