After the First and Second Series, Now Quake 3 is Officially Free

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Quake3 is free to play
Quake3 is free to play

Quake III will be free starting today. It is because Bethesda has raised more than $ 20,000 for charity for UNICEF, Direct Relief, and The Trevor Project.

This was one of the promises of the last QuakeCon at Home. It is an event that this year was adapted to the online format due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2020 is not just any date, as it marks 25 years of QuakeCon. To get the game, it will be necessary to have an account on the platform and start the launcher.

It was announced yesterday, through a Twitter post.  Bethesda said that they had met their goals by exceeding $ 20,000 raised. Therefore, we can download ‘the father’ of e-sports video games for free from its digital platform.

What About Other Games at QuakeCon?

Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, and The Elder Scrolls Online were also discussed at the event. Free skins were offered for Doom Eternal, Quake Champions, and Fallout 76, and some of the publisher’s upcoming projects were mentioned, such as Shinji Mikami’s GhostWire: Tokyo.

We must also remember that Quake has been the saga in which the classic “WASD” control typical of PC players was born. That thing has lasted over the years, with a huge number of users using it.

“QuakeCon has always been a special event for you and for us, a time when we came together to play and forge bonds that, for some, have lasted a quarter of a century” but that “the safety and health of our employees, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and players will always be our priority, “said the company last June when revealing the changes of this very special edition, like E3, Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show.

A QuakeCon without great news

This year’s event hasn’t made big headlines. No new projects were presented, and those already known, such as Starfield or the next The Elder Scrolls, have not been presented.

What’s more? The company has confirmed that there will be no news of its new sci-fi world Starfield until next year. It is fully discussing the original Bethesda game in decades following sequels and spin-offs to Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

Download Quake 3 For Free Through The Bethesda Launcher

Bethesda, who already gave Quake 1 and 2 when the charity initiative reached 10,000 dollars, will also allow us to get Quake 3. It is one of the best titles developed by the company.

To do this, we have to have or create an account at and start the launcher. Thanks to the event and the charity initiative, we will be able to get free and forever the original Quake 3.

QuakeCon ended yesterday. Although we have not been able to see too many news about the company’s next titles, we have known new details about games other upcoming games. Do not miss our news to catch other interesting offers!

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  1. That eyeball with arms always cracks me up! Great news though that Quake 3 is free! Free is good with me! 😉 I got plenty of time now to dive into some new games.

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