A Set of LEGO NES Is Leaked In Collaboration with Nintendo

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Lego Nes
Lego Nes

LEGO is expanding its horizons more and more. The toy and construction company has already signed an exciting collaboration with Super Mario in a new interactive bet.

However, this new leaked set seems more geared towards the more retro gamers. Shortly, we will be able to build our own NES thanks to a set that includes a good number of extras. Do not miss it.

What you see in this image is an NES created with LEGO pieces. It respects each of the details of the iconic Nintendo console. Also, it seems to be accompanied by some features such as a television and a stage from Super Mario Bros.

Some images have shown how this set will be made up of a LEGO NES, a television, and a small interactive Super Mario level. It will have 2,646 pieces.

In the filtered images, a small lever appears on the right side of the television, which makes us think that it will be possible to make Mario move in the image that we see inside the television.

There is no doubt about the authenticity of the leak if we consider that LEGO has already moved token to anticipate the official announcement. At the moment, what we have is this silhouette published in a video on social networks.

Can We Trust This Leak?

At the moment, none of the companies has spoken. However, numerous images of the box and even of the plastic bags that contain the product have been leaked.

The news comes from China, but it has been a German store called Promo Brick that has listed this new set with a release date of August 1 of this year. The price has also been revealed as 229.99 euros.

This is the same date that LEGO Super Mario will be released, so everything indicates that this nostalgic set will accompany the collection as one of the essential pieces. Do not miss all the images of this new LEGO product.

It should not be long until the company officially reveals all the details of the set, its price in our territory, and the date on which it will hit stores. It will cost to scratch the pocket, but it can be a unique piece for the collection of those attached to both brands.

What do you think of this set? Of course, it was the missing piece to complete the retro collection of consoles, although this is not as functional.

If you want to know everything about the new Mario sets, don’t miss the details that talk about the release date, prices, and different confirmed games. Besides, LEGO Super Mario will also have power-ups, and new expansion packs have been revealed.

Image credits; LEGO, Nintendo, Gamer.

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