A Quick Overview Of The Ghosts In Phasmophobia

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A Quick Overview Of The Ghosts In Phasmophobia
A Quick Overview Of The Ghosts In Phasmophobia

With Phasmophobia being the completely rational fear of ghosts, it’s any wonder why the game was given its title. The point of this anxiety-inducing game is to find ghosts alone or with the help of other players before the ghosts begin to hunt.

In amateur mode, players are given five minutes before a ghost starts hunting. The intermediate mode only allows two minutes where the ghost is passive, and professional mode means the ghost is ready to kill the moment the door is opened.

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KineticGames was smart about not tying a ghost type to a specific ghost model. That means those watching from the truck can’t tell the players exactly what type of ghost it is based on what it looks like. Let’s take a quick overview of the different ghosts in Phasmophobia.


Wraiths are as scary and dangerous as you would expect them to be. Not only are they scary, but they can move through walls too. Salt is the player’s best friend against a wraith since they’re the only ghosts that won’t touch the ground.


While spirits in Phasmophobia are common, don’t underestimate their power. They might not be as strong as the other ghosts, but they aren’t ones to be underestimated. Spirits will do their best to communicate with you with their voice and hands.


Phantoms are as elusive in Phasmophobia as they are in real life. Dealing with these popular ghosts takes a bit of luck with a Ouija board. Players need to make sure they’re holding a digital camera in case they run into a phantom, as pictures will temporarily scare them away.


Everyone knows the wailing of a banshee in the real world, and they will make sure to latch onto one player in Phasmophobia until they die. Finding out who the targeted player is can help the other players finish the objectives while the poor unfortunate soul plays hide-and-seek with the banshee.


Poltergeists are as mischievous as they are portrayed in movies and television. If players notice general objects being thrown around, then it’s time to pull out the evidence required to find poltergeists: spirit box, fingerprints, and ghost orbs. One of the biggest calling cards of a poltergeist in Phasmophobia is their ability to throw large objects around.


Mares might cause nightmares in folklore, but they’re especially nightmarish in Phasmophobia. Expect to sit in the dark often with a mare, as they will make sure the breaker is always turned off and players have no access to light. Keeping the lights on is the best defense against a mare.


Jinns come from the Middle East literature and will be as mischievous in Phasmophobia as they are on paper. Expect to hear radios, car alarms, and phones going off when dealing with a Jinn.


European literature speaks of a revenant’s thirst for vengeance, and that same energy translates into aggressiveness when they hunt in Phasmophobia. Sanity levels make no difference to a revenant, and finding the best hiding locations is the only way to slow them down.


Shades are as shy in Phasmophobia as they are in folklore. While they rarely kill when players are hunting in groups, it is possible to die if a player is completely alone. Staying together is the best defense against a shade.


An oni comes from Japanese folklore. Known as the cousin of the demon in Phasmophobia, they are known to be aggressive and will show up early in a round, even during the setup phase after the timer is up.


Straight out of Japanese folklore, a yurei is out for vengeance on whoever they can get their hands on in Phasmophobia. Utilizing a smudge stick will keep a yurei at bay for some time, but don’t use them all too quickly, or the round will be difficult as it will attack often.


Demons take the crown as the most dangerous ghost type in Phasmophobia. They are not afraid to make themselves known and have no rhyme or reason behind attacking players. They’re just out for blood, as much as you would expect a demon to in the real world.

Knowing the calling cards of each individual ghost is the best way to have a quick in-and-out session before they can get their ghostly fingers around your neck.

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