A Halo 3 PC mod lets you play this classic third-person action

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Halo 3 Video Game Play
Halo 3 Video Game Play

The world of video game modifications does not cease to amaze us. If a few days ago, the news came out that mods of Half-Life are adapting the classic GoldenEye 007 of Nintendo 64: Alyx, now it is the turn of Halo 3 that already has a mod to play your campaign in the third person and supports cooperative mode.

The arrival of Halo 3 on PC closes an essential stage on the way to completing the games included in The Master Chief Collection. PC users can now enjoy the full original trilogy. It is a critical event for them since they also have all those improved games. In fact, the performance of Halo 3 on PC is the best adaptation.

User Parapara has shared his work so that everyone can download and install it. Its version is quite simple, and the only thing it affects is the camera view, which goes from the usual first person in Halo to a third person with Master Chief modeled in 3D. Thanks to the change, you can see the action of recharging, changing weapons, running, walking, or jumping.

To install the mod, you need to put the map files in your steam / steamapps / common / halomasterchiefcollection / halo3 / maps folder. Keep in mind that you will also have to disable Easy Anticheat, or else the mod will not work. We also leave you here a short video where you can discover more about this mod and see it in action.

Halo 3 PC Features

The first thing is that Halo 3 on PC can be played in more current resolutions, including 4K, as they did for the Xbox One X versions. Taking Xbox 360 as a first reference, the improvements of Halo 3 on PC are evident since it runs at a higher resolution, and work has been done to adapt textures to that resolution.

One of the main problems that were found when adapting these games to PC is that, in some hardware, the performance far exceeded some of the animations created, including effects, generating quite annoying artifacts.

But this time, this aspect has been improved a little. The artifacts do not appear, except in moments of action and for the recreation of the firing of some weapons.

Also, we are talking about 120fps, which is better compared to the 60fps that were set on consoles. To see these artifacts, we must expose the gameplay at 50% speed, where you can see that there are elements that do not refresh at the same speed. In fact, it’s funny to see that even if you play at 120fps, you can only duck at 60fps.

It’s a remarkable challenge to have to adapt a game like Halo 3 to PC in record time. The countdown to Halo Infinite may be putting significant stress on the team that has to get at least every game in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC before the long-awaited new title arrives.

So now, it’s time to wait for the arrival of Halo 4, which is the last game missing to complete the Master Chief Collection on PC.

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  1. Whoa this trips me out to see Halo 3 being played in third person! Thanks for the mod info.

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