A Comprehensive Phasmophobia eBook Is Here!

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A Comprehensive Phasmophobia eBook Is Here!
A Comprehensive Phasmophobia eBook Is Here!

Are you stuck with two pieces of evidence and don’t know how to get the third one?

Do you need to know the behavior of the ghost you’re dealing with?

Are you unsure how to use a particular item in Phasmophobia?

Well, now you don’t have to worry about searching through a hundred different websites to find this information. A comprehensive Phasmophobia eBook is here. This first edition digital eBook covers everything you need to know in one easy to read location.

We will update the eBook as new content is released. For now, enjoy a convenient pocket-sized eBook you can load from your phone or your laptop so you can keep hunting without interruption.

You can get the free Phasmophobia eBook here

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