5 Relatable Phasmophobia Memes

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What’s the internet without relatable memes to take the edge off after being at maximum anxiety through dark locations in Phasmophobia? While everyone loves the dark mode when scrolling through social media, we’re certain some switch to light mode because they want that extra layer of emotional security after playing in a dark location for hours. If you need to shake off those jitters, then let’s take a look at five relatable Phasmophobia memes.

When one of your teammates finds the ghost room, the next step is to set up equipment. However, if there’s anything that’s going to stop us from going up there with equipment, it’s the sound of a little girl’s laughter.

What people hate the most about larger maps, like the prison map, is how long it takes to find the ghost’s room. Even if everyone splits up with a thermometer or other sweeping equipment, it still takes a good chunk of sanity to confirm the ghost’s location. That’s why it’s always great if the ghost’s room is right there as soon as you walk in.

Shades will seldom show up if there are multiple people in the room. That’s why it’s best to have one brave soul sit in the room by themselves with a photo camera if one of your objectives is to get a photo of the ghost. However, that person is not safe, as alone is when shades are at peak power.

We like to think we’ve memorized every map in Phasmophobia. Even when we’re walking through a location, we try to make mental notes of where we would hide if the ghost started to hunt. Unfortunately, that all goes out the window when we’re getting chased by a ghost and don’t know where to go for safety.

Everyone assumes a demon is the scariest ghost in Phasmophobia is a demon, but nothing gives us more anxiety than a revenant. They’re truly the most terrifying of the ghost types because of how fast they move. If you’re out in the open, you’re pretty much a sitting duck.

Which of these Phasmophobia memes spoke to you on a personal level?

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