5 Mistakes New Phasmophobia Players Make

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5 Mistakes New Phasmophobia Players Make

Phasmophobia’s popularity isn’t slowing in the least, and new players are coming in almost every day. Twitch and YouTube streamers are bringing in a lot of popularity for the game, so that means lobbies are full of new players ready to start their ghost hunting adventures. However, there are a couple of things new players should know before stepping into the game.

5. Not Checking Their Microphone

There are many “microphone or kick” parties in public lobbies, and for a good reason: you need voice chat to communicate with other players. Phasmophobia has no user-interface, so there’s no chat box to alert other players to a ghost’s position or tell other players when evidence is found. No one wants a person in their party they can’t communicate with (unless they have extenuating circumstances like a medical reason). Make sure you check your microphone settings before joining a public lobby. However, there are still issues with the lobby voice servers, so some of it might not be your fault sometimes.

4. Not Understanding Phasmophobia Is Still In Its Alpha State

For some reason or another, new Phasmophobia players are coming in with the expectation that the game is polished and ready to go. The game has an unstable beta build and a relatively stable alpha build, but the game is not polished yet. Keep that in mind before running off to their Discord or forums to berate the game for being buggy.

3. Not Bringing In The Right Equipment

We’ve been in a couple of lobbies where we need to split up and search for the ghost’s room. Players can bring in more than one thermometer and EMF reader, which are the primary pieces of equipment for sweeping locations, but for some reason, players choose to walk with one person sweeping the whole location holding an empty tripod and other equipment that’s useless for finding the ghost itself. During the first phase, you need to use the right equipment for locating the ghost. After that, you bring in other equipment, like a video camera, to collect evidence.

2. Not Paying Attention To Sanity

Sanity might not do much in Phasmophobia, but it’s still important to pay attention to it. The lower the sanity, the more often the ghost will hunt (other conditions factor in depending on the ghost type). Whoever is in the truck should keep players informed on their sanity levels so they can come out for sanity pills.

1. Not Using The Right Push-To-Talk Button

Not using the correct button for push-to-talk is always hilarious. Some new players don’t know there’s a global push-to-talk that allows them to be heard via the radio when they’re further away from other players. It’s always funny to hear them continue talking even though they’re upstairs in Ridgeview or Edgefield, so you can barely hear them. Then you hear a faint scream in the distance. Funny stuff.

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