4 Of The Best Girls In Genshin Impact

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4 Of The Best Girls In Genshin Impact
4 Of The Best Girls In Genshin Impact

As long as there have been gacha games, there have been countless lists about which girl is the best girl. Genshin Impact is no different. While the girls should be ranked by their power and ability, we all know they’re ranked by how they make us feel with their aesthetic. Let’s take a look at 4 of the best girls in Genshin Impact.

Girls In Genshin Impact


Amber might be a freebie character and will eventually be replaced down the line, but you can’t deny she’s got that spunky vibe anyone can love.

Genshin Impact Girl Amber


Venti is considered the best character in the game, not only because of her extremely powerful elemental burst abilities, but because she’s extra cute.

Genshin Impact Girl Venti


Lisa is everyone’s dream mage. She’s one of the story characters you get to keep. Many don’t care if their gacha pulls aren’t great since they focus on building up Lisa.

Genshin Impact Girl Lisa


Let’s be real with Beidou: no one cares how slow she is when she’s got the look that can weaken any man. At least she can take a hit and swim, but again, let’s be honest, people just want to see her on the battlefield because of her aesthetic.

Genshin Impact Girl Beidou

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