3 Things We’re Looking Forward To Seeing In Resident Evil Village

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3 Things We’re Looking Forward To Seeing In Resident Evil Village

The eighth title in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Village, is only a couple of months away and we don’t have much to go on besides some leaks, trailers, and screenshots. That means we can use our imagination to speculate wildly on what we would like to see in Resident Evil Village.

Claire Redfield

We know Chris Redfield is working with (careful of the wording here: he’s not working FOR) the Umbrella Corporation. While it isn’t the horrible pharmaceutical company that started the Resident Evil series in the first place, Chris is right to be a bit skeptical working alongside them as they’ve reformed themselves into a private military. Last we heard, Claire Redfield is still working with TerraSave while keeping one eye out for Chris. Maybe she can make an appearance at the end of Resident Evil Village, similar to how Chris Redfield made his appearance out of nowhere to set up the Resident Evil Village at the end of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Big Guns

Okay, this wouldn’t have made sense in the Baker house in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but since we’re exploring a (mostly outdoor?) village in Resident Evil Village that will supposedly have werewolves and witches, we should have our big guns back. We did have a grenade launcher in Biohazard, but nothing much bigger than that.

If we’re going against werewolves, then give us a flamethrower.

Old-School T-Virus Zombies

If there’s one thing Resident Evil fans have been asking for in Resident Evil for the past couple of games, it’s the slow-moving T-Virus zombies. For one reason or another, people find enjoyment in the challenge of going face-to-face with walking flesh that’s not really a thread after a couple of bullets.

We’re not sure why there are so many complaint threads of Resident Evil Village not having traditional zombies. Technically, the old T-virus ones haven’t been around since Code Veronica.

Maybe they’re looking at Resident Evil with rose-colored glasses.

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