3 Things We Will See Before Final Fantasy XIV Comes Out For The Xbox Series X

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3 Things We Will See Before Final Fantasy XIV Comes Out For The Xbox Series X
3 Things We Will See Before Final Fantasy XIV Comes Out For The Xbox Series X

Remember when there was speculation about Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 coming out for the Xbox 360? Final Fantasy XI came out for the Xbox 360, but remember trying to do besieged on the Xbox 360? We saw one mob the entire battle and couldn’t even target it. When Final Fantasy XIV: ARR came out, we assumed there would be an Xbox One version.

Seven years later, when nothing happened for Xbox players, we’re reigniting the discussion about Final Fantasy XIV coming out for the next-generation Xbox. While we can link each other articles all day with Naoki Yoshida talking about the “possibility” that it “could,” we’d rather have fun and think of three things we will see before FFXIV comes out for the Xbox Series X.

The Elder Scrolls VI

It’s been two years since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI and typing it into Google, and the first two questions you see are, “Is Elder Scrolls VI coming out” and “Why is Elder Scrolls VI taking so long.”

Anyone who knows anything about The Elder Scrolls games knows the games themselves take about a decade to make, and, with Bethesda working on projects too, we don’t expect to see The Elder Scrolls VI any time soon. However, we’ve waited six years for Final Fantasy XIV to “possibly” be on the Xbox One, so let’s see how much longer we’ll wait for the Xbox Series X version.

Instanced Final Fantasy XIV Housing


Yeah, right, foolish wish on our part.

Moving on.

A Sequel To Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XIV is considered the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy XI. It’s not a true sequel. They might share some of the same races, but (besides some temporary crossover events), there’s no canonical link between the two. Many who started with 1.0 FFXIV were FFXI veterans. They enjoyed a high-definition version of FFXI. The battle system was completely different than it is now. It would be nice to have a Final Fantasy MMO that’s a little slower-paced and more skill chain-based than screaming “UPTIME!” at each other.

Again, it’s as much of a pipe dream as FFXIV is for the Xbox Series X. While there are articles stating conversations between the two parties. We’re still stuck on “possible” and “could.”

We’ll have to wait and see, possibly another seven years, when the Xbox Mach V3Y comes out since Xbox has absolutely no rhyme or reason behind their system names.

What else do you foresee happening before FFXIV for the Xbox Series X? Aliens? World peace? Decent climate change regulations?

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