3 Things To Do During A Final Fantasy XIV Maintenance

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3 Things To Do During A Final Fantasy XIV Maintenance

There’s nothing anyone who lives on Final Fantasy XIV hates to see more than the All Worlds Maintenance screen when they’re logging in. In the back of our minds, we know it needs to happen. It’s not like we can stay logged in during maintenance, and any normal person would be asleep, waking up to get ready for work (in most of Europe), or in the middle of their workday (in Japan).

Final Fantasy XIV Video Battle Scene

February 1st’s maintenance will bring patch 5.45, which is primarily a Blue Mage update, which is excellent for those who enjoy the gimmick of the limited job. There’s also some other stuff in this patch, but you can read the preview here.

We’re here because we want to look at three things you can do during Final Fantasy XIV maintenance.


The maintenance happens during a time when most of the world is asleep. 9 pm PDT is:

  • Midnight EST
  • 5:00 AM GMT
  • 7:00 AM EET (Okay, maybe people here are waking up)
  • 10:30 AM India Standard Time (People should be at work/school anyway)

We all know there are people with different schedules than the norm. We only say this because we’re anticipating the small, but very vocal, minority that complains on forums about Square Enix not adhering to their weird schedule.

“But I work overnights, so this is the only time I’m awake!”

Well, sorry, Mr. GenericJapaneseAnimeName#5432, but Square Enix needs to do maintenance, and no matter what time they choose, it’ll inconvenience someone.

Play Something Else

If you fall into the crowd of people slowly chipping away at your lifespan by getting the not-so-recommended 4 hours of sleep a night, you can try working down that backlog of games you like to meme about. Every so often, we have people complain of their backlog of games, but we’re starting to think they only drop $30-$60 every month or so for the sole purpose of saying they can’t play it because their lives are committed to the GPOSE function in FFXIV.

Watch Something

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get caught up on those television shows everyone talks about on the 5,000 different streaming services we have:

  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Peacock
  • Bird+
  • Netflix Platinum+
  • Walmart Live+
  • Pain+

Half of those were made up, but we’re starting to think that adding the plus sign to the end of words is the only naming convention for streaming services anymore. Also, can you imagine “Walmart Live,” a service that has no television programming, you just watch their CCTV feed.

Wow, look at all these available lanes, and only one has a cashier. I’d pay $14.99 a month to watch people pretend to scan things at a self-service register.

You could also subscribe to Peacock and watch The Office. I mean, really sit down and watch The Office. Not just have it playing in the background and only getting a sense of what’s going on. The Office has always been white noise for most of the viewers, but who can say they have honestly sat down and watched it without looking at a phone or computer? You might notice things you didn’t notice before.

Like how Randall Park doesn’t actually play Jim.

Randall Park

What are you doing during FFXIV maintenance?

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