3 Relatable Final Fantasy XIV Memes

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3 Relatable Final Fantasy XIV Memes

I’m convinced the Final Fantasy XIV community has the best memers and shitposters. They’re on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and anywhere you can post high and low-quality memes. I mostly frequent Twitter. If you take a look through the #ffxivmemes hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find pretty relatable memes, but don’t take my word for it. I took a look through some recent ones and will show them here.

Do you remember a couple of months ago when the Red Chocobo ran a train on everyone’s face? Now, Blue Mages can wield this power. Of course, the power is increased a hundred-fold when paired with a Chocobo, so it’ll be interesting to see how much power a handful of Blue Mages can wield together when fate grinding.

There’s nothing a DPS class loves more than having their queue pop after waiting for 20+ minutes. It’s even more exciting after the game lies to you and tells you the average waiting time is only around 5 minutes. Those who have played FFXIV for long enough know any average waiting time is a complete lie. In fact, the queue doesn’t like popping until you go AFK to use the bathroom. There’s nothing more painful than hearing the queue pop midstream.

If you’re a tank, you should feel this one in your bones. There’s nothing more painful than vuln stacks. I mean, as a healer, it hurts us more, but we’re not the ones getting our faces smashed in. Although, we are the ones who are told to adjust when you’re sitting on seven vuln stacks, so what do we know. For the most part, vuln stacks are unavoidable, but some tanks think their tank privilege affords them the ability to gather 3 or 4 of them, thinking they’ll be fine with Rampart. Sure, keep telling yourself that. I promise you, we’re shouting expletives in our head while responding with, “it’s okay, stuff happens.”

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