3 Of The Scariest Maps In Phasmophobia

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3 Of The Scariest Maps In Phasmophobia
3 Of The Scariest Maps In Phasmophobia

There aren’t a lot of maps in Phasmophobia’s early access. There are only two large maps, and two variations of the same map. Kinetic Games will release more maps in the future, which is scary, because the current maps are already terrifying.

Farmhouse Variants

There are normal houses and there are farmhouses. Farmhouses have always been terrifying in the media and they’re equally terrifying in Phasmophobia. Walking around on creaky wooden stairs only makes getting chased by demons even heart-rate increasing.

Phasmophobia Farmhouse Walkaround

Brownstone High School

There’s something about abandoned high schools that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on its ends. It’s even scarier if you happen to come across the ghost model of a child with teeth for face. You don’t want the spirits of deceased children chasing you through the hallway.

Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Walkaround


An asylum in history is where they would hold the mentally unstable. To say the Asylum map is big would be an understatement because there are two-hundred rooms to explore. Even as an amateur it would be almost impossible to find the ghost before it begins to hunt. Most likely the ghost of one of the mentally unstable former residents of the Asylum.

Phasmophobia Asylum Walkaround

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