3 Map Ideas For Phasmophobia

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3 Map Ideas For Phasmophobia
3 Map Ideas For Phasmophobia

There aren’t a lot of maps in Phasmophobia right now. It makes sense, seeing as the developer wants to focus on ironing out any bugs and server issues. The player base is doing fine with the map variants we have now, but it’s okay to dream, right? Here are some map ideas we would like to see as Phasmophobia inches closer to its full release.

A Graveyard

A graveyard makes the most sense in any horror game like Phasmophobia. It sounds cliche, but it doesn’t have to be a boring grass field with some stones sticking out of the ground. It could have entire mausoleums or a funeral home in the middle of the graveyard. Graveyards aren’t always the generic ones you see on television. There are buildings and structures everywhere in the bigger ones.

A Warehouse

If you’ve ever worked in a warehouse, you know how massive some of them are. It might look like a giant structure with only one room inside, but many warehouses have different rooms to explore. Plus, even with safety measures in place, workplace accidents do happen. That’s plenty of reason to stir up a haunt.

A Theater

A theater might be too cliche for Phasmophobia, but if done right, it can still make the hair on the back of our necks rise. For some reason, theaters are the first thing anyone thinks of when they think of a haunting. Not some spooky Halloween-looking house at the top of a cliff. Maybe it’s the ghosts of actors who never really made it big, hoping to find their big break in the afterlife. Imagine the ambient sounds in a big theater, hearing some groaning on the stage. That would make anyone wet themselves out of fear.

What maps are you hoping to see in Phasmophobia?

Sneak Peek Into Possible Prison Map Coming Out For Phasmophobia

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