3 Jobs Everyone Wants In Final Fantasy XIV

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3 Jobs Everyone Wants In Final Fantasy XIV
3 Jobs Everyone Wants In Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series has two major MMORPGs and, while the first one has more flexibility with their classes, the current one doesn’t. Even though Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV share similar job titles, they don’t share similar job roles. Final Fantasy XI also has jobs that Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t have because they won’t work with FFXIV’s battle system.

How Does Final Fantasy XI’s Battle System Work

FFXI’s battle system has changed so much since its inception. When FFXI first started, the optimal party build was six. There would be one “tank,” a second provoke (a damage dealer with a warrior subjob), one Thief, one support, one healer, and the sixth being a nuker to magic burst off of skill chains. It sounded like a complicated system, but it was easy to get used to.

Over the years, the system has changed a bit. Some players experimented with the flexibility of the subjob system in FFXI to solo some of the strongest creatures in the game that would normally take multiple parties to accomplish.

How Does Final Fantasy XIV’s Battle System Work?

Final Fantasy XIV’s battle system isn’t as flexible as Final Fantasy XI because it is a completely different game. For example, Bards in Final Fantasy XI played less of a damage-dealing role and more of a support role with a healing subjob. However, Bards in FFXIV focus less on the support and more on the damage-dealing. There isn’t a true support class in FFXIV. Some players who come from older Final Fantasy titles have expressed their desires for their dream jobs in FFXIV.

Geomancer appeared sporadically in the Final Fantasy series. Geomancers are support classes in Final Fantasy XI with powerful elemental attacks. While Geomancers are mentioned in the Astrologian storyline in FFXIV, they are not playable jobs. Hopefully, we’ll finally see Geomancers announced in the next expansion.

Time Mage

Time Mages only appeared in a handful of Final Fantasy titles, but a class that focuses on the speed of enemies and players doesn’t seem very likely in FFXIV’s current battle system. FFXIV’s battle system doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on debuffing enemies as much as the sole focus is outputting raw damage. Unless there’s a major overhaul to the battle system (or they dumb down Time Mage to a basic caster), then this job is the least likely in FFXIV.


Beastmasters were solo classes in FFXI. Occasionally, they would get together to take down some of the most powerful enemies in FFXI. Final Fantasy XIV teased the idea of Beastmaster, but like Blue Mage, it’s more likely to be a limited-job. With much content locked behind instances, it doesn’t seem likely Beastmaster will happen unless there’s a jug pet system similar to FFXI.

What jobs (no matter how far fetched) are you hoping to see in FFXIV?

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