3 Ideas For A New Healer In Final Fantasy XIV

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3 Ideas For A New Healer In Final Fantasy XIV

I’ve talked about the idea of a new healer in Final Fantasy XIV with some of my Free Company members. Some believe a new healer isn’t possible because of balancing issues. Others have wild ideas for a new healer in Final Fantasy XIV. We looked through old Final Fantasy games to get ideas for a new healer. We also looked through older MMORPGs for healer ideas. We came up with this list with absolutely no thought put into implementation or how optimal it would be for the game itself. We just like the concept of these healers. Let’s let Square Enix figure out optimization.


Necromancy has traditionally involved death magic. Of course, there are different variations of necromancers across different MMORPGs, but the basic idea is to heal by causing damage to the enemy. A necromancer-type class in Final Fantasy XIV might look completely different than necromancers you’re used to in other MMOs, but I can see it working if they tweaked a couple of things.


This one is a personal pick of mine. Back before Rift (an older MMO) went free-to-play, I played a healer class called “Warden.” The Warden had few direct heals, but where it excelled was its heal over time abilities. The Warden had regens on regens. I remember putting two or three different regens on a tank. I liked Warden because it was more proactive than reactive. Instead of reacting to damage, I made sure there were enough regens on a tank or party member before big damage came. This would pair well with a direct healer in Final Fantasy XIV.

Melee Healer

This idea comes from Final Fantasy XI’s Dancer class. This was an interesting healer, but since Dancer already exists in FFXIV, it’ll have to be a completely new class. I’m not sure how a melee healing class would work in FFXIV. Years ago, people even threw around the idea of a gun-based healer. Yes, a healer who (instead of shooting the enemy), will fire off healing energy to other party members. It’s an interesting concept. What other healing classes can you think of that you’d like to see in Final Fantasy XIV?

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