3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters Who Would Be Horrible At Phasmophobia

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3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters Who Would Be Horrible At Phasmophobia
3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters Who Would Be Horrible At Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is one of the hottest games right now, and it’s something we all enjoy playing when we’re not grinding for tomes in Final Fantasy XIV. If you haven’t heard of Phasmophobia, it’s an indie ghost hunting game available on Steam in its early access phase.

I was playing Phasmophobia last night after playing Final Fantasy XIV, and I thought to myself, “which character in FFXIV would be absolutely terrible at this game?”

That’s when I put together this list:


Raubahn, we’re supposed to figure out what type of ghost this is, not try to fight them. Raubahn might be an honorable man, but he’s a fierce warrior, and he’s only ever known the life of beating the snot out of anything that gets in his way. Unfortunately, his skills as a born warrior aren’t going to do him any good when hunting ghosts, especially with one arm.


Hildibrand might have spent some time as a Zombiebrand, but nothing will prepare his buffoonery for a real supernatural event. If anything, his slapstick antics might get himself killed first. Well, no, we take that back; the second the ghost makes its “throat-clicking” sound, we anticipate a Hildibrand-shaped hole through the door.


Sorry Urianger, a demon has no patience for riddles. Imagine Urianger sitting in a room alone with a Ouija board or spirit box?

“Demon, at what age doth thou endeth thy life?”

We would suggest leaving him in the truck, but imagine hearing his voice on the radio as we’re getting choked out by a ghost:

“Ah, we doth not let thy death be in vain. You shalt be released back to the land, I bid thee farewell, fellow ghost hunter.”

What other characters in Final Fantasy XIV would be terrible at Phasmophobia?

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