3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters And Their Favorite Nintendo Games

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3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters And Their Favorite Nintendo Games
3 Final Fantasy XIV Characters And Their Favorite Nintendo Games

Eorzea doesn’t need to always be in a state of constant conflict. Believe it or not, there is a bit of downtime to be had. Why do you think the world stops when we spend hours in /gpose? Sorry, Eorzea, we know some new beast tribe has summoned their primal, but I just got this new pair of shoes, and I found this perfect spot in La Noscea for screenshots.

However, just because the world has to pause for you to finish uploading your 1,000th screenshot to Twitter doesn’t mean the NPCs have to wait around for you to finish. They bide their time with their favorite Nintendo games.

Magnai – Animal Crossing

One would assume Magnai would be a Mario fan because of his nonstop conquest to rescue his princess. However, Magnai can find his Nhaama in other ways. Perched upon his lofty throne in the Azim Steppe, Magnai spends his time creating the perfect island, catching nothing but sea bass, and putting together his virtual home in hopes he can find one of the thousands of cat ladies who apparently play Animal Crossing. Maybe it’s because he was burned so badly by Y’shtola, but the “cat ladies” he hears about who do play Animal Crossing aren’t really Miqo’te.

Estinien – Super Mario Games

Estinien is a fan of the Mario series, and we feel like, if you know anything about dragoons, you should know why: jumping. Sure, Mario has picked up a few skills over the course of his thirty-something years, but his main attack has always been jumping on the heads of his enemies. When you, the Warrior of Light, aren’t doing anything, that means the world is standing still. Villains are sitting around waiting for you to stop trying to snap a piece of housing furniture into place, so no one’s causing any issues, which means Estinien doesn’t have anything to jump on, except goombas.

Raubahn – Pokemon Games

Holding down on the D-pad and the B-button has long been known as a superstition for catching Pokemon…

…and you don’t exactly need two arms to play the game anyway.

What other Final Fantasy XIV characters can you think of who would have a favorite Nintendo game?

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