You Can Now Select All Items In Phasmophobia

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You Can Now Select All Items In Phasmophobia

If there was any quality of life addition Phasmophobia could have added in their first major update, it was one everyone’s been asking for since the beginning: Adding all items.

Phasmophobia Player Inventory White Board

Yes, you can finally add all items in Phasmophobia. If you’re looking at the player inventory menu, the items are now separated. The left side of the inventory are items you need to conduct an investigation. These items are ones that help find pieces of evidence for your journal in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Hunting Ghosts

The items on the right are optional items. These help locate the ghost and improve survivability during ghost hunts. Before, you had to add each item individually by clicking on the plus sign next to the item. After half a year, they finally added an “All” button next to the item to reduce the number of clicks. Now, there is finally an “All” button at the bottom of the inventory that allows you to add all items to your inventory to save time between games.

Phasmophobia Item The Cross

Adding all items is one of the biggest quality of life changes Phasmophobia could have added. It’s proof that Kinetic Game is listening to their fanbase. How do you feel about the addition of the add all items feature in Phasmophobia?

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