Where To Find The Ball In Omori?

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Where To Find The Ball In Omori
Where To Find The Ball In Omori

After you exit the White Space for the second time, you head to the Forest Playground, where Mari and Omori’s friends express concern over a missing Basil. However, when you’re set free to search for Basil, you see Van (the large creature playing tetherball with Berly) with a side quest.

Berly’s Lost Ball

Omori Game Guide Berly Look At This Pole Can You Believe It

When you accept Van’s side quest, Berly expresses her anger over the fact that her tetherball is missing. Apparently, Van hit the ball so hard that it flew deep into the forest. However, the forest is rather expansive; where can you find Berly’s ball?

Where To Find The Ball In Omori?

Omori Game Guide Looking In The Vast Forest To Search For Berlys Ball

It’s time to head into the Vast Forest to search for Berly’s ball. When you head south of the Forest Playground, you’re given a choice of whether to go left (west) or right (east). If you want to get to the ball the fastest, you should head to the west. As soon as you enter the forest, you’ll want to move along the south path as you continue left. If you see the Train Station, you’ve gone the wrong way.

Omori Game Guide Vast Forest Go West Looking For The Ball

Head across the bridge, and you’ll see a ball sitting in front of a bench. As you approach it, Berly will come out. This is where the lost ball is in Omori.

Omori Game Guide Berly Seet There Is My Lost Ball

Where To Find The Lost Ball In Omori?

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