Where Do You Go After Orange Oasis?

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Where Do You Go After Orange Oasis
Where Do You Go After Orange Oasis

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If you’ve already gone through other places and have finally gone through Orange oasis, you’ll notice you really didn’t do much as far as story progression. In fact, Orange Oasis is accessible rather early in the game, so it’s clearly not the place to go, especially after Sweetheart’s castle. Where do you go after Orange Oasis?

Head Down To Basil’s House

Omori Game Wiki Go Down Basil House

If you think about it for a moment, after Humphrey tells you to find something important in the Vast Forest, where else should you go that you haven’t gone to in some time? However, here’s a tip before you go down to Basil’s house: make sure you have all the keys for the Hangman game.

Why Do I Need The Keys?

Omori Game Collecting Keys For Hangman Game

So far, you’ve been collecting keys throughout the whole game. You’ll need these for the Hangman Game to proceed to Basil’s house at this point.

Once you solve the Hangman game, then you’re able to progress to Basil’s house. You don’t even need to go through Orange Oasis to do this.

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