What Are Your Favorite Quality Of Life Changes In Phasmophobia Exposition?

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What Are Your Favorite Quality Of Life Changes In Phasmophobia Exposition

The Phasmophobia Exposition update may have come with a bit more horror, aesthetic changes to items, and two new ghosts, but there are a few quality of life changes that accompanied the patch. Of course, our personal favorite was the fix to keep players from spamming “show us” in chat anymore. Everyone started sounding like lemmings at one point. While there is a decent list of quality of life changes to Phasmophobia Exposition, let’s list out our personal favorites.

The spirit box text has been replaced with icons to show if the ghost is responding

Phasmophobia Spirit Box With Icons

We quite like the changes to the spirit box in Phasmophobia Exposition. The interface has new icons to show whether the ghost is or isn’t responding. The little microphone in the corner is great visual feedback to reinforce that we’re pressing the right button to speak to it.

Hunts now affect all electronic equipment with new sounds and visuals

Phasmophobia Difficulty To Know If Ghost Is Hunting You

No more challenges of only bringing in a candle and nothing else for those “we don’t know when the ghost is hunting” challenge. Now, any equipment in the vicinity of an angry ghost will be affected in one way or another. There’s almost no way to not know if the ghost is hunting unless you’re holding absolutely nothing.

Player walking speed has been increased to the old sprint speed

Phasmophobia Item The Cross

This is our personal favorite quality of life change to Phasmophobia Exposition. Now, you don’t have to move at the speed of a snail while holding down the sprint key. The old sprint speed is now you’re walking speed. There was always something so odd about how slowly our characters sauntered through a dangerous haunted house. The fact that we could only sprint for a couple of seconds means our characters are still massively out of shape.

Which quality of life change to Phasmophobia Exposition is your favorite?

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