Phasmophobia Beta Changes: All Rooms Start With Slightly Different Temperatures

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Phasmophobia Beta Changes All Rooms Start With Slightly Different Temperatures

January is a big month for Phasmophobia. Changes to the thermometer, the whiteboard, hiding, and the pathfinding of the ghost have increased the difficulty and scare factor of the game. However, one of the experimental changes to Phasmophobia’s beta build is the room temperatures. It might sound a little confusing, but we’ll try to break it down for you.

All Rooms Start With Different Temperatures

Phasmophobia Rooms Different Temperatures

As you’re sweeping through locations, you’ll notice each room will have varying temperatures, even with a thermometer. However, the rate at which the temperature rises or falls depends on the status of the power. On professional difficulty, it’s imperative that one person is assigned to go straight for the fuse box. This also helps to protect sanity.

When The Power Is Off

Phasmophobia Measuring Room Temperature

If the power is off, each room’s temperature will slowly drop to 5C (41F). That means anything under 10C doesn’t necessarily indicate the ghost’s room anymore. This doesn’t apply to the professional difficulty, as room temperatures will start at 5C due to the power being off.

When The Power Is On

If the power is on (and this is why it’s important for someone to go straight for the fuse box), the temperature in each room will slowly rise. However, the ghost’s room will continue to drop. This doesn’t happen instantly. That’s why the thermometer isn’t as powerful of a tool anymore. The intention behind this was for players to rely on previously ignored pieces of equipment such as the sound sensors and parabolic microphone. Keep in mind; these changes may not be permanent. They are all experimental and based on feedback.

What do you think of these temperature changes?

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