Omori Boss Guide: Mr. Jawsum

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Omori Boss Guide Mr Jawsum

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? Mr. Jawsum is one of the easier boss fights in Omori, but if you don’t deal with the mechanics, you could make this a longer fight than it needs to be.

Omori Game Boss Guide Mr Jawsum A Promise Is A Promise Aubrey

Despite being a shark (and kind of acting like one), Mr. Jawsum has a soft side. Despite using unpaid labor and forcing children into lifelong contracts, he knows when a promise is a promise.

Omori Game Boss Guide Mr Jawsum The Punishment For Breaking A Contract Is Death

He’s willing to let Aubrey and Kel go, but when you threaten to take his best employee (Hero), that’s when he has a problem. The battle will start, and you will have to deal with his Gator Guy henchmen.

Gator Guy Henchmen

Omori Game Boss Guide Mr Jawsum Boys Would You Be So Kind As To Show These Kids The Way Out

Work On Making Everyone Happy

Omori Boss Guide Mr Jawsum Aubrey Throws Her Weapon It Was A Moving Attach

After a certain point, Mr. Jawsum becomes angry. You should spend a couple of turns (while he still has his initial henchmen) to start making everyone in the party happy/ecstatic before he gets angry. Once he’s angry, his attacks will be dull (to your happy characters), and you’ll land some decent moving attacks on him.

Omori Boss Guide Mr Jawsum Omori Party Was Victorious

Mr. Jawsum is a relatively easy fight. Besides clearing out his henchmen, you might take him down before he gets any decent damage done to your party to build up energy.

Let us know if this helped you defeat Mr. Jawsum in Omori?

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